11 Painful Signs You're Nothing More Than His Contingency Plan

11 Painful Signs You Are No More Than His Contingency Plan

1. He is unsure of his feelings

You never know where you stand with him, he never brings up exclusivity or reveals his feelings to you opposite. He never introduced you to anyone as his girlfriend.

He hides his feelings. He’s easygoing and his demeanor shows that he likes you, but nothing more. You even sometimes feel like he is incapable of emotions.

When that happens early in a relationship, it's not uncommon. He can't know after a short while if he loves you or where you stand.

But if you've been together a long time and he's still unsure about his feelings, he'll just use you as a plan B

2. He avoids talking about the future

He doesn't make long term plans. Talking about something you guys will be doing in the next month let alone the next year is impossible for him.

All of the future plans he speaks of never contain the word 'we', only his life.

And if you ask him directly about some future plans, he will change the subject and move on Talking about something else.

The painful truth is that he doesn't see his future with you, so he avoids talking about it.

3. He changes

You could almost tell he's someone else when you text him and you stare in each other's faces.

When he's with you, his demeanor is spot on, but once he's out of your sight it's a different story.

His texts are infrequent, and most of them seem uninterested and distant. You're usually the one who texts first and he always takes a long time to reply.

He almost never calls. In short, he wants you around, but he's still not fully into it and is keeping you as an option.

4. You've never met any of his important people in his life

You've never met his closest friends or hung out with his other friends.

You are unsure if his family even knows you exist. He doesn’t talk about her much, he keeps that part of his life to himself.

All of these are signs that he doesn’t make room for you in his life.

A man who knows what he wants and where he is going with you would, after a period of time in the relationship, introduce you to the people who matter most in his life. If he doesn't, he'll keep you on the back burner.

5. You're afraid he might leave at any moment

You're walking on eggshells with him. You're scared that if you make a wrong move, he'll be gone.

Maybe there's something in his behavior that makes you think that way.

Maybe he's acting like you should be happy to be around him at all.

You have a constant urge to prove your worth to him and to impress him in some way. He may even blackmail you into leaving if you don't do things his way.

The truth is, when you're in a healthy and exclusive relationship, both partners are equal.

There is no need to impress or bow to anyone.

When he's manipulating you with threats of losing him, he's not just treating you like an option, he's using your love against you.

He's definitely not the one you should be with.


6. The only person he meets is himself

He cancels your plans when he has something better up his sleeve. He rejects your plans, but gets mad if you don't go along with his.

He will do anything that suits him and makes him happy without considering your needs.

He won't mind if you twist yourself to please him, but he will would never do the same for you. He's selfish and his own priority.

So if he's not taking steps to accommodate you or make you happy, he's just stalling.


7. He is always ”busy”

He never has enough time for you, but you can clearly see that he makes time for everything else that interests him.

He uses ”busy” mostly as an excuse to mess up your plans or to justify him not seeing you for a while.

The truth is, the one who is interested will Making time for you even when he doesn't have one. He only wants to spend time with you and he will take every step in that direction.

If he hardly spends any time with you and is ”busy” used as an excuse he's not busy, he's just not interested and makes you his second choice until someone else comes along.

8. He never opens up

All your conversations are superficial and he never says anything that really matters.

It could even be said that all of your encounters could be like two strangers talking at the bus station.

It's not uncommon for a man to be early in the relationship is vigilant. But if he's really gotten to know you and spent a lot of time with you, and he's still not opening up about his emotions, problems, or life, then he's holding himself back from going into the relationship wholeheartedly , and he will keep you at a distance.

9. He's too fixated on his phone when you're together

Most of us these days are mildly addicted to our phones and until it crosses the line of normal behavior it is considered common.

But if your boyfriend is alone with you most of the time staring at his phone and not paying attention to you, that's a bad sign.

Not only is he rude and lacks general manners, but his demeanor shows that he is disrespectful to you and doesn't see you as someone who should have his full attention.

Talk to him and see if things can change, and if not, don't settle for being second choice to his phone, social media, and whoever he texts first comes. This is not how it should work.

10. He doesn't try

He lets you make all the plans and he never suggests anything you could do together. You're usually the one who first asks when you're going to meet.

You usually call or text first. You rearrange your time to fit his needs and he never does the same. And the list goes on.

The bottom line is that you're the one giving everything while giving nothing back, and it shouldn't be like that.

A man who cares about you and makes you a priority will show up, make plans and give back everything he gets and maybe even more.

< p>If there is no reciprocity, you are in a one-way relationship and are treated as an option.

11. He's more interested in making love than loving you

He's very sweet. and nice when he wants to undress you, but once that's done he's cold and distant.

He doesn't want to know about you or really hear anything you have to say; the only thing he cares about is the sexual aspects of your relationship.

And while sex is an important part of a relationship, not everything can be based on it. When a relationship lacks love, emotional involvement, and support, he only uses you to get his needs met.

This isn't the sticky type or the type of guy you really need. He's just using you as his backup plan.

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