10 ways to tell a guy he's going to lose you

10 ways to tell a guy he's going to lose you

No one wants or deserves to be taken for granted, so I understand your frustration when your boyfriend tells you that does.

So you may be wondering what to do if he doesn't care? Is there a solution at all? How can you make him realize he's going to lose you?

The beginning is always perfect. You are living in a fantasy and your world seems brighter than ever.

It is because you are in love and when you are in love you don't see everything that is happening around you.

Maybe at first you didn't see his flaws he has like all of us but as time went by and the honeymoon period was over he started to seem distant.

It's like he would have suddenly lost interest.

Well, that doesn't necessarily mean that he doesn't love you anymore or that he takes you for granted just because he doesn't care is. no&md; Relationships can sometimes get routine and things get boring.

You do the same things every day and lose the excitement you had at the beginning. Then men withdraw.

They just don't feel good about the relationship anymore. They become distant and probably want to find a way out.

But there is also the other side of the story. Men sometimes get too used to being in a relationship, so they stop caring about their partners.

They're sure you'll spend the rest of your life with them, so they just stop trying. They stop investing in the relationship.

They don't worry about possibly losing you.

They ignore you and shut down your communication to the lowest level. This makes you get frustrated, sad and afraid of losing him.

You know your guy is still in there because he didn’t suddenly change&mdash ;this is impossible.

So it's totally natural to be afraid of losing him, afraid of growing apart.

So it's only logical that next’ try to talk to him, you try to see where the problem is and how you can solve it.

You need to figure out how to get him to realize he's going to lose you.

But before you go ahead and save your relationship, think about whether your relationship is worth saving?

If you think you have the courage and love him enough to try to save you both, then please do it. But, don't even try if you don't think you can do it.

You have to be sure you're happy with him or there's no point in ending your relationship save.

Try some of the following ways to open his eyes and let him see what he is doing. Show him that you're both worth saving.

1. Don't worry too much

Keep him at a distance. I'm not saying you should cut him out of your life completely, but you should at least try to get away from him for a while.

Don't ask him where he is or what he's up to . Don't ask about his friends or his plans. Use this time to work on yourself and the things you love.

Let him do what he wants and don't be against it. He'll probably be worried because you're not reacting to everything as usual, and he'll wonder why.

Don't be surprised if he tests you on purpose just to see your reaction. But, you will see through it and again, don't give up.

If you want to make this happen you have to be persistent because if it works you will be glad you did it .

2. Stop answering his calls

Don't make yourself too available to him. He's used to reaching out to you whenever he wants. Well, this is a way of showing him what his life would be like without you.

Don't answer his call and see what will happen. Maybe he has a problem he can't solve himself and you were there to help him on his feet before.

This time, no matter how cruel it may sound, let him fend for himself.

He'll probably see that he's lost without you. He'll take one look at his life without you in it and he won't like it.

He'll probably go back to his old self.

If you really don't can endure and feel the need to text him or call him back, do it–but wait a bit before you do it.

This will also make him wonder what's going on.

3. Don't let him depend on you

It's pretty cruel, but if you want to be successful you have to be merciless. Stop doing things for him.

Stop doing chores or all the things you asked him to do that he didn't do so you could had to do.

I know it's easier to do something yourself than to ask him to do it. But try not to worry about all those things this time.

Let him cook his own dinner and iron his own clothes. Let him do his own shit buy–just stop caring about him.

Once you stand up for yourself and stop doing all those things for him, he will see , how dependent he is on you. 

He will probably be embarrassed, and if not, he will be completely lost without you.

This will be his wake up call because it will be hard for him to find another woman who is as awesome as you, puts up with his crap and loves him at the same time.

4. You have to learn ‘no’ to say

You have to stand up for yourself. Don't let him drag you to the places he likes and do things he wants.

I am not saying that you should stop supporting his dreams and aspirations. I'm just saying you have another life to take care of-your own.

Find out what you want to do for a change and amuse yourself. Don't let it , to make you do things you hate and take you places you don't want to go.

If you can't find a compromise, do it yourself.

On the plus side, he'll probably be amazed when you suddenly say ”no” learned to say. He'll realize he's losing you because you'll be spending more and more time apart and his attention won't be needed.

This will make him think.

And another something, when he comes back and realizes he almost lost you, he'll see the strong woman you are-a woman who can make her own decisions and he'll respect you more for it.

5. Go out without him

It's all part of being independent. That's the whole point: to show him that you're perfectly fine on your own. Tell him that out of the blue.

Just tell him you have a date with your girls and you will meet them in town. Don't ask him if he's okay with that, and don't worry about what he has to say.

Put on a hot dress and go out. Don't leave dinner prepared for him and tell him not to wait for you.

If he asks more questions, don't answer. Make him uncomfortable, panicky and maybe even a little jealous.

This isn't usually right, but in your situation, admitting any kind of emotion is a win provoke, even if it's envy or jealousy.

It means he still has feelings for you, but they're buried somewhere.

Go out with your friends to provoke those buried emotions and save your relationship if you really care about it.

6. Cancel plans at the last minute

Stop doing whatever he wants. If he didn’t have the decency to tell you about his plans a little sooner than that is a sign he doesn’t value your time and if he doesn’t appreciate your time then he doesn’t respect you .

If he doesn't respect you and the things you want to do, you don't have to respect his.

But only for a while, to make him aware of the things he's doing and where he makes a big mistake.

You must show him how you feel by giving him a taste of his own medicine.

7. Find a new hobby

Your world needs to stop spinning around him. That's why he acts this way. He knows that no matter what, you will be there for him.

That's why he doesn't respect you and ignores you.

You have to show him that you're perfectly fine without him and that if he doesn't open his eyes and see it, he'll see you will lose forever.

Take up a new hobby, something he is not involved in.

By doing so, you will enrich your social life–you will hang out with people ;ngs who love the same things as you.

That way, you'll show him that you're great without him. Keep him at a distance.

8. Refuse sex

Okay, let's face it, all guys are suckers when sex is at stake. If you deny him, it's the end of the world as you know it.

I think sometimes women don't realize the power they have in their hands.

Sex makes a man feel emotionally and physically close and if he doesn't see that he was a total idiot emotionally in real life then you should withhold sex from him to show him that something isn't is fine.

He'll probably understand he's been a donkey if you stop giving him “treats” to give.

9. Flirt with other guys

Only do so if absolutely necessary. If he's not paying attention to you, do something about it.

Show him that there are guys out there who would die to be your friend. Show him that he takes you for granted and that he shouldn't do that at all.

He should be lucky to have you and show you every day that he loves you Find a handsome guy and approach him.

Provoke your guy to show any kind of emotion, provoke him to be jealous.

Or, if you find it difficult to make sure he sees you talking to someone else, try talking about your new colleague and that all the women you work with are crazy about him are.

He'll probably wonder why you're suddenly talking about this guy and he'll probably think about it more and gradually realize that he's jealous and that he doesn't want to leave you to a random guy.

And in the end, if he cares about you, he will open his eyes and fight for you.

10. Talk to him

If all else fails, just talk to him. Try to be as honest as possible.

Actually, this is always the best way, but unfortunately most men don't want to talk about these things because most of them don't want to admit that that they did something wrong.

Sit down together and look into his eyes. Try to remind him why he fell in love with you in the first place.

Get him to remember the time you first met and how easy it was.

Tell him that he takes you for granted and that he doesn't respect you like he should have respected you.

Use these steps to bring him back , because you know that he loves you – he has taken this love for granted and when he realizes that, he will be sorry.

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