10 Ways To Know If He's Stalling You (And How To Deal With It)

10 Ways To Know If He's Just Stalling You (And How To Deal With It)

1. You're usually the one who texts first

He always replies, but he's almost never the first to text you. He likes it when you make an effort, but he's not willing to do the same.

The fact that you always text first tells him that you are very into him. His ego grows and grows, but it gets you nowhere.

The best thing you can do is ignore him to get his attention. Don't allow yourself to be the only one trying. Efforts and efforts must be mutual.

Even when it comes to something as simple as chatting. But let's be honest – chatting can tell you a lot about him.

2. He refuses to make your relationship official because “he's not into labels”

Come on. Are you serious??? These ”I don't go for labels” Excuses are really old and he still has the guts to use them?

No matter how much you love him or if you already have feelings for him, you have to admit it that this is complete nonsense. He tells you openly that he is only there for something short-term and easy-going.

First determine if you want the same things. Because it is very unlikely that he will change his mind.

Especially if you already have something, regardless of the labels. Why bother when he can get everything from you anyway?

3. He only hangs out with you when it suits him

”We'll see” and "I'll get back to you" are his two favorite phrases.

If he constantly avoids concrete answers, he's just waiting to see if he has something better to do. It's a clear sign he's got you squirming.

The next time he wants to see you, just text him, “Oh. I'm not sure I can do it. I'll get back to you.” Play the game right and show him who the trainer is.

All this with him will get you nowhere if you answer his every call by jumping and dropping everything just so you can spend time with him.

Keep busy and he will get himself adapt to your schedule. If not, well, bad luck. But at least you won't wriggle anymore.

4. You're just his bedtime

98% of the time you spend together ends up in sex. He's not that interested in texting when he's not flirting.

He's not interested in seeing you when you're on your period. These are all signs that he is only interested in one thing.

If you are not there for it, tell him and leave. Sleeping with him is not going to change him or make you want to be in a relationship.

It will only procrastinate the situation or leave things where they are now. This situation may suit you for a while, but once you develop feelings for him, you will not only be satisfied with sex.

5. The situation with his ex is still unclear

His ex is still a part of his life. She has either totally broken him or he is still in constant contact with her.

This affects your relationship in a negative way and makes you question everything.

< p>Sorry, but if this happens to you – you're probably his rebound girlfriend. He likes the time he spends with you.

He wants you around, but because of his ex, he keeps you at a distance, won't let you near him, and doesn't want to make your relationship stronger.

< p>Talk to him about it openly and see if there is a solution and how he really feels about you.

6. He withdraws at the slightest hint of commitment

He avoids the topic of commitment and tries to talk about something else as soon as possible. He's probably a commitment phobic. While this can be temporary, it can also be fatal to the relationship.

If you think it's temporary, try not to bring up the subject. Give him time to do it alone.

But if nothing comes of it, you've probably given him more than enough time already.

You definitely don't have the same goals, huh affects your relationship. So, the best thing you can do is not waste your time.

7. He asks you for time to get his life on track

The worst thing is that he makes all these promises and all he wants is time .

You are so supportive of him and waiting for the day when he finally gets his life together, but the sad truth is that he never will.

< p>He may actually have a botched life and problems that he thinks could have a bad impact on your relationship.

But in most cases this is just a good excuse to keep you waiting. If you see that he's not making any effort to change and isn't making any progress, he probably never will.

8. He wants to end it, but he doesn't want to hurt your feelings

The best way to tell is when he changes drastically. He's always making excuses and he's always too busy to see you.

He doesn't text you as often as he used to. He suddenly disappears and days go by without any contact. And all he has to offer you when he comes back is a few lame excuses.

Maybe he doesn't have the strength to tell you that he doesn't have feelings for you anymore are the same. He doesn't want to hurt you, but he does it anyway.

Be open and honest with him and tell him that this situation makes you sad. See if it makes sense to stay and try to make something of it. Don't let this situation continue.

9. He promises you he will change but never does

He doesn't want to lose you so he makes all these promises about making you better that he will change his behavior, that he will try harder in the relationship and try to be a better man.

But you've heard this story too many times and nothing changes. The sad truth is that it will never change.

He's had enough chances. Don't stay in this stupid situation just hoping things will change.

10. You are the only one investing in the relationship

You are the only one who puts your heart and soul into the relationship. You do the best you can but all your efforts are in vain.

They go unnoticed. And the other person is just used to taking things without giving anything back.

One-way relationships never work. Stop giving your best to the wrong person.

Love yourself enough to walk away when things aren't making you happy and you don't feel loved.

When you are underestimated and mistreated. You deserve the world – don't settle for less.

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