10 warning signs your partner is ruining your mental health

10 Warning Signs Your Partner Is Ruining Your Sanity

When you are dealing with someone who is toxic, you may not even be aware of all the ways they are damaging your sanity.

They are masters of manipulation, they gradually ruin your self-esteem, they drag you down so they can control and manipulate you.

It will be no problem for them to take you away to convince you that everything is your fault and to blame yourself for their abusive behavior.

Look at the signs and if you find your partner in them, do so away from him as quickly as possible before it's too late.

1. You apologize for his behavior

He treats you badly when you're in the company of other people, and it gets worse when you're alone; yet you always make excuses for him.

You justify his shitty behavior by saying he's not usually like that, just having a bad day, etc.

First, you can't fool anyone – well, maybe yourself, because you see something in him that isn't there.

Second, by doing this, you're sending him the message that his behavior is tolerable, so he'll just keep doing it.

2. He pulls you down on purpose

You can't remember a happy moment that he didn't ruin.

Every time when you're feeling overjoyed to see your friends or when you're super excited because something good happened at work, he'll do his best to cut it short .

He can't stand that you are happy, so he will make fun of your achievements and try to minimize their importance.

He only brings negativity in your life and you really don't need it.

3. It destroys your spirit

Lately your emotions have been down more than up. You cry often, you are sensitive and your insecurities are increased.

If you're trying to find the source of the problem, look at your partner.

He might be the one making you feel down, even though he lifts you to the stars should.

Moreover, if he doesn't notice or care that you're feeling down, there's no doubt about it – he is the source of your troubled emotions.

4. He is a closed book

He had such a hard time opening up and letting you into his heart that over time he stopped even trying.

You never know, where his thoughts are or what he is up to and it makes you lose your sense of security in the relationship which makes you angry or even scared.

5. He's a micro-cheater

He doesn't necessarily have to have sex with someone else for you to think he's unfaithful to you.

He may flirt with other women, socialize with them, confide in them, or do anything else that constitutes micro-cheating.

Overall, you will feel that he thinks you are a fool and treats you with complete disrespect.

You will feel unappreciated and stressed out for no good reason.

He should pay more attention to how you feel or not be a part of your life anymore.

6. He often calls you too sensitive or unreasonable

He acts like you never understand him and like you exaggerate and making a big deal out of nothing.

In his mind, attack is the best form of defense, so he'll rather discount your feelings than admit that he's the one making you feel bad about yourself to feel.

It's like he's denying you the right to feel how you feel.

Be careful as this can really destroy your overall sanity, your feelings; You could lose sight of yourself and it can drain you emotionally.

7. You feel pressured to change

His behavior makes you feel like you're not good enough. So you do your best, you change, you keep quiet when you should talk just to keep him around.

Remember that change does not always lead to the better, especially when it is not initiated by yourself.

Be careful not to get lost in your efforts to keep him close ;he to keep.

The other person should treat you as their equal and accept you for who you are, if they can't then they don't deserve a place in your life.

8. Your confidence is gone

If you met your old self, you wouldn't recognize her.

Since you started the relationship, you've questioned your every move and you're scared of stepping out of your shell.< /p>

If you're with someone who makes you feel like you're not good enough, who blames you for everything and who shuts you up, you need to leave as soon as possible out.

At worst, such men will convince you that you are worthless without them.

This type of behavior is manipulative and very toxic and you should stay away as much as possible.


9. The whole situation with him is bad for your physical health

Your mind and body are intertwined and affect each other.

The stress, you have with a toxic partner will ruin your immune system.

You will be more susceptible to colds, headaches or stomach cramps.

Remember that nobody is worth jeopardizing your well-being, mentally or physically.< /p>

This is concrete proof that your partner is not right for you, regardless of how you feel about them.

10. Guilt engulfs you

Take a really good look at your relationship. Is it possible that you are always the culprit and your partner is oh-so-innocent, or is he trying to control you?

Even if you always have his back, he will say that you weren't there when he needed you the most, that he lacked your support and understanding.

You know that's not true, so don't let him go Convince the opposite.

He has big problems, so you should let him deal with it on his own and not allow him to contaminate your life.

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