10 warning signs that you are being taken advantage of by a narcissist

10 Warning signs that you are being taken advantage of by a narcissist

Living with a narcissist is not living. It's survival. They are so crazy and they play mind games to trap their victims.

And any woman in love is more likely to believe a narcissist because she thinks he loves her rather than her family and to believe their friends.

But what if things get complicated? How can you get out of this nightmare?

If you're unsure if your partner is taking advantage of you, here are a few warnings to watch out for. Maybe things are worse than you think.

1. Within the relationship he is superior to you

If your partner thinks that they are the leader in your relationship and that your feelings and ideas are not important, then you can be sure that you are dealing with a narcissist.

He wants his word to be true and that you are not allowed to decide about all the important things in your life together. He thinks you are worthless and treats you badly because of it.

If you see him starting to behave this way, leave him without thinking about it.

You don't deserve a man who treats you badly and takes advantage of you.

You are unique and special just the way you are, so never settle for less than what you deserve.

2. He ignores you

Have you ever caught your husband playing with his phone while you were telling him about your bad day at work?< /p>

If the answer is yes, then rest assured that you are dealing with a narcissist.

He simply doesn't care about your needs and your feelings.

He's just lost interest in you and he wants you to find out in an ugly way.

Whatever you do, don't accept it that what he does is normal.

A real man who genuinely loves his wife would never treat her like that.

3. You feel worthless

If you are in a toxic relationship, you will see it in your partner's behavior.

Any narcissist will treat you badly and not care about your feelings.

If you feel worthless in your relationship then you should end it.

Don't suffer while in love because love is not about that.

Love is the purest and most beautiful thing in the world and you shouldn't feel like it. Otherwise it doesn't make sense.

4. You cry every day

If you live with a narcissist, then every day will be bad.

They will make excuses for the bullshit, they do and you will end up crying.

They just live off you being sad and you have no choice but to cry your eyes out.


But please think for a second. Is your life worth so little to you? Do you really want your kids to grow up in such a toxic relationship? I don't think so.

So before things get any worse, pack up and leave him. Once you're gone, he'll miss you, but that doesn't mean you'll take him back.

5. You are not the same person as you used to

If you are in a narcissist's control for a long time, you lose yourself. You forget what it's like to be happy and laugh.

Every day you spend with them, have you are constantly afraid that he will harm you.

You don’t want to irritate him with your behavior that makes you do things he likes. And at some point you no longer recognize yourself when you look in the mirror.

The sparkle in your eyes is gone, your skin is pale and your eyes are wide; and red from all the tears.

Remember, you cannot allow this situation to continue.

So if you still have dreams in your life, do yourself a favor and get rid of them.< /p>

6. You're not as life-affirming as you used to be

Remember when you were all over the place?

Do you remember being the loudest person in the whole room and laughing so loud that the people outside heard you?

Yes, I know you remember that , but unfortunately you're not like you used to be. Your life with a toxic man has turned you into a different person.

Now you are a woman who no longer cares about herself. A woman who no longer showers, cleans or cooks. You are everything you never wanted to be.

I hope you get that enlightening moment in your head when you realize that this kind of life is not what you deserve.

7. You are afraid of your partner

If you are in a relationship with a narcissist then you cannot function normally.

You are stressed because you Are you afraid that he will hurt you physically or emotionally.

When he puts his hand out to you, you don't know if he is trying to hit you or hug you.


And trust me, it's anything but normal to live with that much stress.

So the next time you're feeling uncomfortable around him, tell him, that you don’t let that shit do to you.

8. You feel like nobody is listening

You feel so bad in your own skin that you want to cry all day and want to curse your bad luck.

If you've ever felt this way, rest assured that the man you call your friend is doing all those bad things to you.

He's responsible for all the bad things Things you experience in your life.

You feel trapped in such a relationship and think that everything is your fault.

No, it's not your fault and it will never be your fault either. You were just unlucky and met an idiot who made your life miserable.

So if you still want to be like you used to be, then it's not too late.

With a strong will and an honest heart, you can get anything you want.< /p>

9. You feel like you are going insane

A narcissist will try to fool you. He will try to convince you of things that are not what he makes them out to be.

It's just his mind games that he plays with all his victims so he can control them.

If you see someone doing this, know that it's a huge red flag .

Leave him while you still can because he's not the man to wait for.

He's just an asshole pretending to be your friend disguised, but if you don't act smart too, he could end up hurting you badly.

10. Everyone has to dance to his tune

Every narcissist is the same. They want to control other people and constantly convince them that they have the right to do so.

When your husband starts telling you that things are either done the way he is Whether he wants it or not at all, you can tell him that this is out of the question.

If he's even half as smart as he says he'll understand that he's on will lose out in the end.

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