10 things that really make you unattractive

10 things that make you really unattractive

Let's be honest. We live in a time where appearance has eclipsed everything else and become the main focus of our attention when trying to impress someone.

To many people, means being attractive, having a perfect body, perfect hair, perfect nails and of course the perfect outfit.

But that's not true at all.

Even the hottest woman or guy with a perfect body and a perfect outfit can look really unattractive if their charisma and personality are off-putting.

Speaking of off-putting, let me remind you still remembering a date with a guy who was really handsome (black hair, handsome, blue/green eyes that can be easily distracting, and dressed smartly).

But when I heard him complain to the waitress about waiting too long for his order (and we hadn't even waited a minute) I immediately realized that his appearance absolutely didn't match his insides (and he was conceited to boot).

Although he looked great on the outside, his attitude and personality were so off-putting that I found myself had to come up with an excuse to run away.

I told him I just remembered leaving my stove on and I really need to go home and turn it off.

That's just an example, but there really is many other things that can make us really unattractive despite our perfect looks.

To prevent you from slipping into such behavior, here is a list of things that really make you unattractive !

Table of ContentsShow 1 1. You have no connection with people 2 2. You don't show gratitude 3 3. You are jealous 4 4. You interfere in other people's lives 5 5. You belittle those who serve you 6 6 You pretend to be someone you're not 7 7. You talk too much about yourself 8 8. Gossip 9 9. You don't think you're attractive 10 10. You outdo others in conversation

1. You have no connection to people

Do you smile at people when you greet them and look them in the eye when you talk to them?

If you are just exchanging information without being human pointing and asking them how they're doing then you don't connect with other people, which is really off-putting and a bit awkward.

2. You're not showing gratitude

When someone gives you a gift or when a waitress brings you your order, you never show gratitude by simply saying thank you.

If someone is trying very hard to help you, press the button. You don't show your enthusiasm and show him that you appreciate his gestures.

If this all sounds familiar to you, then you should definitely change something, because you don't want to that other people think you're selfish or spoiled and offended by your lack of gratitude.

3. You are jealous

Jealousy is a real pain in the neck and the absolute destroyer of relationships, marriages and the like.

If you constantly show jealousy by intentionally belittling other people and looking for their faults, others will see you as an immature person who lacks confidence and self-esteem.

4. You interfere in other people's lives

Do you have a constant need to give other people advice and offer to help them with important issues?

Even though your intentions are, shall we say, positive, it's just pushy to yourself interfering in other people's private lives.

If you have not been asked for advice, you need not offer one.

Otherwise you will still be seriously asked to mind your own business take care of it.

5. You belittle those who serve you

Respecting those in higher positions and belittling those in lower positions is a highly unattractive trait.

If you treat everyone with the same compassion and gratitude, it proves you have manners and there is nothing more attractive than that.

Keep that in mind, no matter which one circumstances.

6. You are pretending to be someone you are not

Pretending to be someone you're not means deliberately ignoring your own qualities and characteristics just to give other people the wrong impression of who you are.

This includes Also includes mimicking other people's outfits, hair, behavior, etc.

If you want others to find you truly attractive, then you have to show them who you really are, because authenticity is much more effective than pretense.

7. You talk too much about yourself

If you talk too much about yourself, it means you don't care about what other people say only what you have to tell others about yourself.

Being conceited is a really unattractive trait and it gives others the impression that that there is no point in wasting time with someone who only cares about themselves.

8. Gossip

Gossip is further evidence that you are poking your nose into matters that are none of your business.

If your main topic is at every conversation is gossip about other people, then you definitely have a problem and people won't trust you anymore.

If they see that you always have something to say about other people they'll know you're doing the exact same thing to them.

If you really want to be attractive, then broadening your topics and minding your own business would be a good start.

9. You don't think you're attractive

If you don't think you're attractive it makes you unattractive, because if you only think negatively about yourself, that means that you don't have confidence.

If you find it difficult to look other people in the eye and worry about your appearance all the time, other people will perceive you as insecure.

They will definitely don't find you attractive despite your perfect outfit or perfect hairstyle.

10. You outdo others in conversation

Do you have a tendency to constantly tell others that you've been through worse and that their problems are nothing, because you are or have been worse?

Outperforming others in conversation means downplaying other people's problems and thereby coming off as selfish and egocentric.

But if you tell them If you listen carefully and understand their problems, you will come across as personable and attractive!

Katharina Hansen

She is a trained psychologist and a talented author. For her, every person matters and every life story is unique. That's why her advice comes not only from her knowledge, but also from her heart.

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