10 things every woman needs in a relationship

10 Things every woman needs in a relationship

Men often say that women are complicated and that they have no idea what's going on in their heads.

I've heard so many stories about couples who broke up just because the man didn't know what his wife really wanted from him.

Well, I want to solve this mystery and explain once and for all what every woman really wants in a relationship. So stay tuned!

1. She needs to feel loved

Every single woman in this world wants to feel loved. Point. The world revolves around love and we all deserve to experience that love at least once in our lives.

When a woman is in love, everything is much easier. She's happy with her personal life and it doesn't hurt her professional life.

On the contrary, she'll put her foot down at work and show what she's capable of when she's emotionally content.

So gentlemen, love your wives – it takes so little to show them your love and it will mean the world to them to really feel it!

2. She needs to be appreciated

No matter what your wife does for you, just tell her you appreciate it.

Bringing you a glass of water or handing you the remote control are all small things that mean a lot in a relationship.

Don't tell her it's normal for her to do this. All of this has to be earned.

So don't take her for granted and show her what she really means to you. And every single day!

3. She needs some pampering

Who doesn't want a little pampering, am I right, ladies?

It's nice when you come home after a hard day's work and your husband prepares dinner and then does the dishes. .

It's nice when he does all these chores for you because he knows you'll work your ass off to have a decent life with him.


He's just showing respect. Something that is sadly lacking in most relationships these days.

So don't just be a number for her – be her lucky number!

4. She needs a friend she can count on

Many relationships are born out of friendship, and that's not a bad thing..

Exactly taken as a good basis, a close friendship relationship makes it easier to build a stable love relationship.

Even if you marry your lady, you must not forget to be her best friend – a special man in her life who she can rely on.

This is what all women long for, but unfortunately men don't understand it.

Women only want a caring and loving partner – someone to support them in their decisions, and that should be you! It's that simple!

5. She needs her freedom



What women need most in a relationship is freedom. Your lady can't be happy and loving if you don't let her have a drink with her friends. .

She doesn't need to go out for a drink to be ”naughty” to do. She can always cheat on you when you're not around But she doesn't want it. She wants to be faithful to you.

So stop telling her she'll do some dirty things when you're not around.

Leave her alone. Show her that you trust her. Believe me – this is the key to a happy relationship!

6. She needs to feel special

Every woman needs to feel special when she is with her lover.

Because what's the point in a relationship if your man treats you the same as any other woman?

You'll only lose interest in him and soon realize that you're not for each other you are determined.

So, make your wife feel special – buy her some flowers, take her to the movies, or just stay home for a little cuddle. .

Now is the golden time for you as a couple and it will have a very positive impact on your relationship!

7. You have to be honest

This is one of the most important things in any relationship. Women want their men to be honest with them.

If you don't love her anymore, don't fool her. Tell her how you really feel and let her go.

Don't lie to them that everything is fine just for the sake of your children.

Children need to grow up in a healthy family.If you If you don't love your wife, it's anything but healthy.

So, do yourself a favor and end things between the two of you.

It's the least you can do for a woman who is above everyone else's mar’ inside has chosen you!

8. She needs someone who will make her a better person

She needs a man who will make her the best version of herself when she is with him. She needs the kind of man who's worth the wait.

It's always there for you and brings out the best in you.

It's your last thought before you fall asleep and your first thought when you wake up. He is the reason you are so happy and fulfilled.

Every woman deserves to experience something like this. Each of you deserves your very own fairytale story!

9. She needs regular communication

Can you imagine what your relationship would be like if you didn’t talk to each other?

If you only went to work, ate dinner together and watched TV?

Good communication is the key to a happy relationship. This is the only way you can know what is happening in your wife's life and what she thinks of certain things.

In addition, any problems that may arise in your relationship can be clarified with a reasonable conversation. It's just important to listen. That's all.

10. She has to be able to be herself

There's no point in this if a woman can't be herself with the man she loves.

A loving and caring partner should let their beloved do whatever makes her happy.

I'm not saying that she can run around and cheat on you, but letting her do things she likes will have a positive impact on your relationship.

So, do your best to show her that you are in love with her and everything she represents.

Show her that you made her decision and that you don't want to change her!

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