10 things couples should try at least once to increase their intimacy

10 things couples should try at least once to increase their intimacy

After a while, marriage gets boring because you're stuck in the daily grind .

You keep repeating the same things over and over and that really is the biggest killer between two people.

It slowly destroys the intimacy that is is the foundation of a successful relationship. Okay, she's not completely gone.

There are still moments when you can't keep your hands off each other, but those moments are getting rarer as the years go by.

If this is the case for you too, you don't need to be afraid, because that's completely normal!

If you've been living with the same person for a while and you know how that person ticks and what their habits are, it is normal that after a while the feeling of excitement goes away.

Even if this happens, there is still a way to prevent it.

You need to take your time and try to build passion with your partner to increase the level of intimacy in your relationship.

Because if not, chances are the relationship will go into the Fractions are a thing.

You both can accept that your relationship lacks tension and has become boring for a while, but after a while it gets frustrating.

Here are a few tips on how to increase intimacy and keep your relationship more vibrant and bright than ever.

The most important thing is that you both make an effort.

1. Give your partner some credit

Appreciate your partner and the things they do.

Maybe you're just not on the same wavelength as he, maybe you don't like what he's doing, but if he's trying and doing his best, then you should acknowledge that too.

Let your partner know that you love him respected for his efforts.

This will give him a pat on the back and he will be able to do even greater things.

A human needs to have a beginning and with encouragement, will he can do more than he thought he could.

So making your partner feel appreciated will increase your intimacy.

Your partner will be grateful for your support and be more open and emotional towards you.

2. Sleeping naked after sex

Sex is not the only kind of intimacy you can feel.

Sex is perfect and nice but it's not always about sharing feelings and making love.

Sometimes sex is just about getting things out of your head and blowing off steam.

If this happens more often, then the only thing you can do to increase your intimacy is to share your emotions.

There is a way you can do that can do. Just lie next to each other naked after sex.

Be quiet and cuddle if you want. But don't let the feeling pass you by. Enjoy!

Because it will increase your intimacy and bring a surprising twist to your relationship.

3. Remember the good times and look to the future

Get the wedding album out of the dusty shelf.

Wipe it off and recall your happy moments.

Photographs of your big day will bring you into the Go back to the time when you guys were crazy about each other and couldn't keep your hands off each other.

If you're not married yet, try to remember the good times – your first date or any funny or crazy things you experienced together when you just started dating.

It brings back the old happy feelings, the honeymoon feeling wake up and bring you closer together again.

Even talking about what you used to do or where you used to be can lead you to some crazy and exciting ideas, too which one you then decide or you decide to repeat something romantic or funny you did.

No matter what you choose, your intimacy will increase and keep your relationship alive.

4. Maintain eye contact

Never avoid eye contact with your partner.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul and you can find out everything about a person by you look him in the eye, because eyes don't lie.

When you look deep into each other's eyes, you create a bond that cannot be easily broken.

Eyes reflect our vulnerability and reveal so much more of us than we care to admit.

So if sometimes you don't want to tell your partner everything that's on your mind or just can't tell, just looking into your eyes is enough to let your partner understand what you're going through.

Make this a habit. In complete silence, try to maintain eye contact for several minutes and you will see how much you will find out about each other without even saying a word.

5. Laugh together

Laugh together. ÖOpen your heart and soul and roll on the floor laughing.

Nothing can bring you closer to each other more than that.It is an experience that you both share.


It only lasts for this one specific moment and will never happen again, at least not in the same way.

You'll remember the time you laughed your ass off and it will always be a happy memory that will bring a smile to your face for months to come.

Build this way you bond with each other and increase your intimacy as you both shared something that was only between you and nobody else.

6. Leave notes

Sexy, romantic, whatever the letter. Surprise your partner before you go to work by leaving them a message.

It doesn't have to be earth-shattering either, just a little message on a little piece of paper.

A little reminder that you are here in his life and love your partner more than anything.

We are inundated enough with screens and texts.

Do something old-fashioned and write your partner a poem or leave a note on the mirror.

If you ever feel like doing something kinky, write down your sexual wish list and how you are at the moment on a small piece of paper touch up and leave him wanting more.

Believe me, when you get home it will knock his socks off.

7. Keep walking

Keep the spell alive and find time just for the two of you.

Whether you are married or in a committed relationship, you must have time to spend with your partner.

You must find time to talk, laugh or cry.< /p>

The most important thing is that you are alone with each other and feel free to talk about anything without being disturbed.

8. Sex in public

Just the thought of it is exciting.

Doing it in a public place will definitely spice up yours bring relationship.

If you haven't tried this yet and your relationship is starting to get boring, then get out there and do it!

On top of that, the shared feeling of fear of being caught having sex will only increase closer together.

And if you do get caught, you'll still have something to laugh about later.

9. Fight your daily routine

Routine is the greatest enemy of any successful relationship.

You're stuck, everyday is becoming the same, you're fed up and just want to get out.

That's the number one killer of any relationship.

Um so keep everything in the green, try something new every now and then.

Bring some change into your everyday life and you will never get tired of your relationship.

10. Love yourself and respect each other

You will be happy in your relationship once you are happy with yourself.

If you are not If you are happy with yourself or don't respect yourself, your partner will do the same.

The negative energy you radiate will be transferred to your partner.

It will too ruin your intimacy. If things are not right and clear between you, you cannot continue communication.

And where there is no communication, there can be no intimacy.

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