10 Signs You're Experiencing Some Kind Of Twin Flame Relationship

10 Signs You're Experiencing Some Kind Of Twin Flame Relationship

If you thought you knew everything about relationships and love, I'm sorry to be the one to let you know, but you are wrong.

For far too long we neglected our soul connections because we were too intent on finding someone who matched our physical expectations.

Because when we chose what is pleasing to the eye and not what is truly appropriate for us, we have been witnesses and victims of too many toxic relationships in our lives.

Only you can see the deep scars you carry in your soul because you chose wrong.

But before you give up looking for love or believing that you can do the rest share your life with someone else, you need to know something.

There is someone out there who is a perfect match for you and your soul.

There is a perfect mirror of you, and there is a soul like yours, but only in a different body.

It would be really sad to know that you gave up on love before you could even experience a twin flame relationship.

You know how I know that you never had one ? Because if you had, you would never have given up on love.

Whoever experiences the reconnection with their twin flame knows what true love is.

You have to think : “What on earth is a twin flame now?”

A twin flame or soul twin is your person.

The one person destined for you. A twin flame is a true reflection of who you really are.

Your twin flame reflects your fears and your weaknesses, but not in a way that creates double chaos.< /p>

This mirroring is mutual and you experience it as reflecting on your fears, weaknesses and quirks and you two can overcome them together.

They are all mirrored, so that you can overcome them forever.

Both twin flames are two halves of one soul in different bodies.

It is a person who completes you and truly heals you when it comes to twin soul reconnection.

Where did this all come from and what is the definition of “twin flame”?

The term "twin flame" or Twin Flames is originally from Greek mythology.

The story tells how we were all once connected to our twin flames, but because we were so powerful, Zeus split our souls in two Split and placed each half into two different human beings so we could spend our entire lives searching for our other half.

Today, your twin flame represents something entirely metaphysical.< /p>

It represents two people on Earth who are of the same consciousness, the same vibrational twins split into two entities: one with a greater amount of feminine energy and another with a greater amount More male energy.

A twin flame relationship is an ultimate relationship in which the partners love, respect, honor and see each other as equals because they were created that way.

It is also a very intense relationship that can be chaotic and stressful at times, but above all harmony and balance outweigh any negative sides.

If you give it a thought or two, you will soon find that most people have a desire and need to meet their other half, which is often referred to as ”soul mate”, ”soul mate” or "twin soul" is misunderstood.

You know, the catch is that you can have multiple soulmates, even multiple soulmates— your mother, your brother, your best friend, but you can only have one twin flame that belongs to your soul.

And what you should strive for in your life among many other things is to own your twin flame meet.

Very often the two separated souls are physically very far apart.

Even when you do meet up, in most cases one of them (or both) is in a relationship or worse – married.

There are only a lucky few on this earth who have been gifted with the ability to live out the rest of their lives as a complete person – along with their twin flame.

The lucky ones have most likely been in previous relationships that may have prepared them for a twin flame relationship.

You had to walk over hill and dale to be ready and to be rewarded with that kind of relationship.

Because that kind of relationship is a lifetime gift.

To a Not to be confused with a twin flame relationship, let's show you what signs make them:

1. You are constantly shaken by the feeling that you are meant to be together.

When you meet your twin flame, you automatically feel the twin flame connection. And the good thing about it is the fact that it never goes away.

Regardless of people or kilometers that might stand between the two of you, you still feel that you are one soul in two bodies.

You can end up being separated for two months or even years, but after reconnecting you feel like there never was a breakup.

2. You have opened up a new way of thinking.

This new way of thinking is commonly referred to as "awake" called.

You begin to observe the universe from a whole new point of view and your twin flame helps you.

Together you talk and explore all the meanings of your Life, from happiness to sadness and everything that goes with it.

Everything that used to bring you joy on a human level is no longer enough for you.

You long for spiritual love.

3. There is a magnetic pull towards each other.

From the very first encounter, twin flames feel a special attraction.

They often have this feeling , they know each other from before, but cannot remember where and when they met.

This feeling comes from the fact that our souls recognize each other from the soul level.< /p>

One side of the twin flame can experience vivid dreams of the other side or even sense each other's presence, even though you may never have met.

4. You are a living example of yin and yang.

You complete each other in terms of good and bad.

The dark side of one is balanced by the light side of the other and vice versa.

Not only do you learn what true love is from your twin flame, you also learn how your self-love can be stronger.

5. Your emotions affect your judgment.

Because of the intensity of the feelings you experience when you meet your twin flame, you sometimes switch your brain off or you mute it in most cases.

The thing is, your “sixth sense” turns on and you ”feel” what needs to be done.

In most cases, the best thing you can do is listen to your sixth sense.

6. You are constantly struggling between passion and worry.

As I said before, what you feel is intense, but you also worry and question everything, what is happening between the two of you.

This is mainly happening because your consciousness has become more awakened, and you can't help but analyze each situation by putting yourself in it and asking yourself why you where you are.

You've probably heard someone say something is too good to be true, but only now do you understand what that means.

Your concern is also an expression of love. It shows you how important this person is in your life.

If something isn't important to us, then we don't worry.

7. Once you meet, your paths keep crossing.

Because the encounter with the twin flame causes our emotions to go haywire and our lives to be turned upside down, we often withdraw in the first place.

We often experience this whole emotional chaos too much and we need some time to sort out our emotions.

Even if we take a little break, separate from our twin flame, this separation is never forever.


Twin flames always find their way back to each other. Twin flames often have an on-off relationship.

They can't live without each other, but the intensity of their feelings can also frighten them and distance them from each other.

8. You are able to read each other.

When it comes to your twin flame, another sign of your connection is the fact that you are the next predict the other's move.

You can read what she wants without her saying it out loud yourself, and you can guess each other's reactions before she even has to react.

You finish each other's sentences, but words you don't need it at all.

Just one look into the eyes of your twin soul and you both know what the other is thinking.

A telepathic connection you've never experienced before, exists between you.

9. You don't change, you evolve.

Twin flames don't push each other to change or become someone they are not. This is more a sign of toxic partners.

When it comes to twin flame partners, they evolve together.

There is an unconditional love between twin flames that knows that our bad sides define us as much as our good sides.

They help each other to carry out their own development, make progress in life, think outside the box and end up being a better version of themselves every day.

Only the real one Love has such power to make us better people.

10. You get to know yourself.

Once you see another part of yourself, once you are complete you will allow yourself to be honest and you will admitting to yourself what makes you happiest and what are the things you want most in your life.

Once you have connected with your twin flame, it is a connection that cannot be broken.

You cannot break it, you cannot bury it, and in any case you cannot ignore it.

The only thing you can do is to put all your faith in this relationship and thank the universe for being one of the lucky ones who doesn't have to go through life without your other half.

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