10 Signs You're Dating A Broken Man

10 Signs You're Dating a Broken Man

I met a guy who blew my socks off! He was caring, loving and supportive. He was everything I was looking for in a man. He was the man of my dreams!

Unfortunately, after a few months I found out that he is not that perfect. I realized that he had problems and those problems made our relationship hell.

Unfortunately, my husband was broken.

I never thought I would meet someone who was emotionally unavailable and broken; re.

I thought something nice would happen to me because I deserved it. I still don't understand why God sent him to me.

Maybe that was his way of teaching me a lesson. Maybe I should save my husband.

From his darkest secrets, from a life of agony and depression, from the cold.


The thing is, when someone's broken, you don't really understand it at first.

These people act like everyone else. They tell jokes, laugh and enjoy their lives.

But it shows when they are left alone.

In those moments, you don’t have to pretend , as if they were someone else.

These moments show them what they have transformed into. And no one sees what's happening except the 4 walls of their rooms.

In this case, I saw what it feels like to be broken.

< strong>I saw many signs of a broken man and I couldn't ignore them.

Today I want to share them with all those who are struggling to love a damaged man. So, listen carefully to me.

1. He has trauma from his past

A broken man will never talk much about his past life.

The thing is, that these people have trouble trusting strangers, so you'll need to earn his trust and respect to actually get him to open his heart to you.

The Reason your husband is broken is because he has trauma from his past.

It may be child abuse, losing his parents, or struggling to get over betrayal.

All of these things left scars on his heart and he is struggling to get over it .

2. He compares himself to others

For some reason, your husband doesn't think he's good enough for you.

He's going to make himself up all the time compare with others. He'll even let you go to find a better man than him.

This is a Signs of a badly damaged man!

He doesn't think his life is worth living and he has no self-esteem. If you want to keep him, teach him how to love.

Tell him that you need him and that his past life is not as important as he thinks.

It is easier to cope with life problems with a loved one.

3. He won't let you near him

The most obvious sign of a broken man is that he never lets you near. He has trouble letting new people into his life.

There were so many of them that hurt him and earning his trust can be a mission impossible.

It's up to you if you want to stay with a man like that.

But whatever you decide, remember that he is capable of love— he makes it easy different.

If you try to win him over, he might make you the happiest woman alive.

4. He is afraid

Every broken man is afraid. Period.

This is something that will follow him until he dies. He'll always be so careful because he's been through so much shit in his life.

He was hurt and he won't forget it. Now he just wants to avoid getting hurt again.

That's why he'll be so anxious when he meets new people.

The thing is, he needs to find that belief in life and people again and let others enrich his life.

5. He's depressed

Of course he'll be depressed—someone hurt him and now he needs to recover.

He needs to find a way to mend his broken heart. He needs to feel alive again.

He needs to trust people and let them get close to him. Otherwise his life will not make sense.

We are all social people and the fact is that we cannot function without people in our lives.

If your man shows these signs , be there for him. Go step by step to show him that life can be beautiful after all.

You just have to let go of a few things.

6. He feels better alone

A sign of a broken man is that he would rather be alone than in a crowd.

He has this scenario in his head about people who have hurt him and it is very difficult to get back on track.

Loving a man like that can be hard, but if your feelings are genuine, there's nothing stopping you from getting the best out of him .

You just have to be patient and things will work out in your favor and of course his.

7. He drinks alcohol

Drinking alcohol is a good way to shake off stress. That knows a broken man very well.

He spent so many sleepless nights with a bottle of Jack in his hands and thinking about people who hurt him and the woman who left him.


What you can do in such a situation is talk to him.

Tell him if he drinks alcohol his problems won't go away. They'll be even bigger when he wakes up hungover in the morning.

Tell him it's okay to start from scratch because we all do.


And most importantly, tell him that no matter what happens, to give him a hand of salvation and be his support in the rough days to come.

8. He lost his friends

When a man is broken, he won't want to hang out with his friends.

This is one of the main symptoms of a broken heart. By doing this he is sending a message to the world.

He wants us to know that he feels better alone and that he needs some time to sort things out in his head arrange.

And what you have to do in this situation is let him go.

Give it time to fully heal. Show him that you care enough to wait for him.

I'm not saying it will be easy, but at least you will know that a man has counted on you and that you know him from the demons within him.

9. He won't go to any extra trouble for you

Let's be honest- he just met you and he thinks you're just like the others.< /p>

You can forget he's trying hard to make you happy.

He got hurt and the only person he wants to see happy is himself. This is something that has to be earned.

If you care for him enough, you'll show him that life isn't a slut.

Show him that you're not you're like those bad people who ruined his life.

Show him that no matter how many times he rejects you, you'll be there. Show him you're not a quitter.

Trust me, this will mean the world to him.

10. You only get ONE chance

A broken man won't give you more than one chance. Even that's too much for him.

So don't do stupid things and don't mess it up. Be yourself and teach him how you work.

You two may have a lot in common, but you just have to find out.

Don't be hard on him because he's so feels. He wants to be different, but he can't. He is still learning to love his new self.

And he would really appreciate it if you could be his biggest support in his life journey.


A broken man is not a bad thing.

It just means that such a man has been through more things than the others.

< p> And what he desires most is a woman who will show him that after all he can be his old self – the INDESTRUCTIBLE!

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