10 Signs You're Better Off Without Him

10 Signs You're Better Off Without Him

When you're not sure if you should leave him, but deep in your soul you know he just doesn't is the one for you and you would be ten times happier without him, then don't waste a second of your life on the man who definitely doesn't deserve you.

To reassure you that you make the right decision, here are 10 ultimate signs you're better off without his toxic love.

1. You are not his priority

He always has other priorities that overshadow you every time. His pet, his friends and family, his hobbies and boys' nights out are far more important to him than a night out with you.

No matter what you do, he always gives you that puppy dog ​​look and acts like he's terribly sorry that he doesn't have time for you and like he'll make it up to you. But he never does, does he?

2. He doesn’t make you feel special

To him, making you feel special is a mission impossible.< /p>

Picking a flower for you, making you a cup of coffee in the morning or kissing you on the forehead when he goes to work – are all things that he never does and that are out of the question for him.

3. He has absolutely no ambitions

He doesn't worry about the future at all because he doesn't have any plans at all.

He doesn't think about his goals or future achievements at all because that only thing he cares about is how many bottles of beer he managed last night.

Aspiring men don’t just think about having fun day and night. to have and live in the moment because they know, like you, that the future is not a gift.

4. He gives you mixed signals

Today he's all sweet and nice, and tomorrow he doesn't even want to look at you. He dances to the tune of his egocentric mind.

He doesn't even give a shit if he gives you mixed signals because he doesn't have time to think about it.

< p>And when you talk to him about it, he just tells you that you are exaggerating and that you are too needy.

But in reality, he's just a selfish asshole manipulating you into believing everything is your fault.

5. You haven't heard an “I love you” from him for a long time. heard more

Those three words or “darling” or "honey" you practically never hear. And even when he says it, it sounds completely wrong and you know he just doesn't mean it.

You feel better when he doesn’t say anything instead of faking how he feels for you, and when you tell him that, he’s telling you again that it’s your fault for forcing him to opening up to you and being romantic even though you know he's not at all.

6. Sex with him is more torture than pleasure

The only thing that interests him in sex is that he manages to climax.

He doesn't give a fuck if you didn't really enjoy it or not at all. He is completely uncreative when it comes to setting the mood or preparing with foreplay.

You also have the feeling that the connection has long since been lost and that's why sex for you is torture rather than pleasure.

7. He is a liar and a cheat

He keeps making excuses like he has to stay late at work, his old friend is in town or his grandmother invited him to dinner.

But you know; t that it's all a lie and instead of staying at work longer he's actually looking for other victims to relate to.

And if you ask him where he was yesterday When the evening comes, he gets extremely angry because you dare insult his ”loyalty” and his "commitment" to doubt.

8. He always makes you wait

Whether you're going to the movies, the mall, or a restaurant, he always, always makes you wait.

You even had to wait for him on your first date. Little did you know then that this would become routine.

Your waiting is an ultimate sign of his disrespect for you, and you shouldn't waste another second on him because he is didn't deserve. That's it.

9. He is never there for you when you need him most

When you are depressed and need him by your side, he is never there for you . And even if you call him, he'll just make up some lame excuse to tell you that he can't be there for you.

This will make you realize that you really don't need him , because if he's not there for you in your worst time, he certainly doesn't deserve you in your best.

10. He's a self-centered asshole

99% of the time all he cares about is satisfying his self-centered self and doing things that make HIM happy.

< p>He doesn’t have time to think about others or how he can improve your relationship because he’s too busy with his top priority – with himself.

He's a selfish asshole, a manipulative liar, a complete scumbag, and you're much better off without him.

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