10 Signs He's Not Worth Your Effort

10 Signs he's not worth your trouble

Love isn't meant to be easy, nor should it be expected.

If you really want a happy ending, you have to you work for it, or as the very wise and true saying goes: “Without diligenceß no price”. And usually that's more than true.

If you really want to have the love you think you deserve, you have to make an effort and work hard for it.

With that in mind, you have to be very careful about who you give your attention to.

You need to be sure that the person you are trying to impress deserves your attention. You don't want to spend quality time in your life with someone who doesn't deserve it.

You don't want to end up suffering just because the guy was a manipulative asshole.

In that moment , in which you realize you love someone who doesn't return those feelings, someone who is just kidding you, you need to be able to pull away and get on with your life without them holding you back.

If you don't want your love to be taken for granted and if you don't want to dedicate your life to someone who isn't worth it, look out for these signs:

1. He puts himself first

He always wants to be the center of attention. Your whole relationship revolves around him.

He doesn't care about your needs and he will be happy as long as his life is okay.

He is selfish and doesn't care about anyone, including you.

He demands so much from you and never gives anything in return.

2. You two are different

It's okay if you're two different individuals, but it's not okay if your core values ​​don't overlap.

< p>It's hard to find common ground to stand on when you have different values.

You can't agree on anything and that's the main reason why you fight all the time.

This is especially difficult to overcome when either of you refuses to compromise as it makes it almost impossible to function and prolong the relationship.

3. He doesn't have time for you

You're always last on his list. Everything is more important than you.

If the person you share your life with doesn't have time to devote to you, then they don't give a damn.

You are not that important to him and your relationship has no future.

4. He talks about other girls

Not just any girl — he often mentions his ex in conversations with you.

It's even worse when he compares you to them. He's only doing it to hurt you.

He's doing it on purpose because he has no interest in taking care of you.

He doesn't love you and never will. The most likely thing is that you're just his backup plan until a better one comes along.

5. He doesn't want to talk to you

You're the one who has to start every conversation.

You're the one who has to animate him, with you to talk, he'll never do it first.

And even if you do talk, you have to keep asking questions to get him talking and you have to pretend like nothing's happening ;re so he doesn't get offended for some reason.

6. He's sending you mixed signals

It's a up and down with him. One moment he's kind and generous and the next he's heartless and inconsiderate.

He's usually only nice to you because he wants something from you and the rest he's freezing these days.

Again, because he doesn't give a damn about you.

7. He doesn't inspire you to be a better person

He doesn't bring out the best in you. He does exactly the opposite.

He provokes you and then brings out the devil in you.

Once you get to your breaking point, when you can't take it anymore, he leaves you because you're broken and is no longer of any use to him.

8. He is needy

He has no life outside of you and the relationship. This can be very tiring and becomes unbearable after a while.

You don't want a partner who is likely to turn neediness into control and thus deprive you of freedom.

And on the other hand, if he loves you, he would give you some space and time for yourself. r give you when you need it.

9. He's not loyal

He doesn't want to commit to you and he's cheating on you.

Maybe you caught him and he promised that he would never do it again, but once a cheater, always a cheater.

Love probably doesn't mean that much to him and he'd rather have fun. choose as loyalty.

10. He is never there for you

He is never behind you, although you are always there for him. You can never count on him when things get difficult for you.

You can never count on him to help you in difficult situations in life.

Even when there isn't mutual support, your relationship cannot work.

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