10 Signs He's Losing Interest In You

10 Signs he's losing interest in you

Let's be honest, we've all been there.

We've fallen in love with this amazing guy and everything is going great ;nicely, until he just walks away and says it doesn't feel right or that he's not happy.

And we wonder if there was anything we could have done to whether there were signs that he was unhappy or whether he just walked away from us.

And every relationship that comes after that, we overanalyze; we keep asking ourselves, is he losing interest?

Well, there are certain signs that he might be.

To try to save your relationship, or at least save yourself from heartbreak, you can check them out here.

1. He's not as available on the phone as usual

You texted all day and night and your calls lasted for hours.

But in lately you eagerly await his reply only to get none.

You stare at a blank screen, losing all hope that he will reply to your messages.

Suddenly he is always busy, he forgets his phone, he forgets to answer or let you know everything is ok.

This is one of the first signs that he Losing interest because he doesn't want you around all the time.

2. He makes excuses

In the beginning he was around; always there when you needed him, always there to help you and always looking for your support.

But now he is all alone, independent and working all the time.

He has crazy deadlines, he has to do this or that now, he doesn't think he will be there at the appointed time .

It's easy; once a person starts making excuses that are hard to believe, they don't really want to do those things to you.

3. He stopped asking questions

About you, about your life, about your feelings. When we ask questions it means that we are interested in another person.

It means that we want to get to know them better, that we want to know how they think about certain things and what love them.

But once the questions stop, it means he's not interested in the things you have to say; he's not interested in checking on you.

He's not interested in you anymore.

4. He has become rude and defensive

If the man you once fell in love with was always kind, always caring, and open to you, but has turned into this cold, rude, and defensive man, that's not a sign that something is wrong with him or you.

It's just a sign that he's losing interest in the relationship and he knows it. doesn't know how to handle it, so he becomes distant and cold.

And as soon as you start asking questions and demanding answers, he becomes defensive because he is not yet aware that your relationship is failing.

He knows; not that he distances himself from you and hurts you.

5. There is no more intimacy

You were making love the whole time, you couldn't keep your hands off each other.

You can still remember the times when you both spent all those nights of romantic lovemaking and other nights of raw, sensual sex’ enjoyed.

But now it's been weeks since you last hugged, or since you last enjoyed each other's bodies.

The Lack of intimacy is one of the most obvious signs that he is losing interest, but it could also be a sign that he has some health issues or problems at work.

< p>Unless he refuses to admit there's a problem or refuses to talk about it.

Then it means his interest is long gone.

6. He doesn't notice little things anymore

He always noticed when you changed the way you wore your hair, the new dress you bought, or a new spice you used in cooking.

He always noticed when you were cold and offered you his jacket.

And now you feel like you could freeze to death next to him and he wouldn't even notice.

You feel like a living ghost in your own house, in your own Relationship.

You're there, but he just can't see you. All he sees are things he can use to argue.

7. He no longer involves you

When he makes a decision, whether it's about his travels, his work schedule, or the projects he's working on, he doesn't take you or your feelings into consideration.

He's decided to look at himself first and makes plans without you because he's not interested in keeping you.

He's no longer interested in your feelings, maybe hoping you'll leave him ;sst when he neglects you enough; you will be the bad guy and not him.

8. He shows no initiative

He used to surprise you with dinner, take you to fancy restaurants and plan your little weekend trips.

But he doesn't do those things anymore and all you see is his back, wow; while leaving the house.

He's always running to work, always tired and not interested in going out with you.

He used to be so into Movies and concerts that you guys wanted to see together, but now he won't mention them because he doesn't want to see them with you.

If you're planning a date, you'll go out. But if he had his way, the two of you would never leave the house together.

9. He picks fights

This is something guys often do when they lose interest in a girl they are dating or when they prepare to break up.

The idea is to drive you crazy and wear you down with all the fights you have so you just give up.

And those fights are about the smallest things, like e.g. who takes out the trash, whose turn it is to pay the bills, what dress you wore to the business thing.

It's not those things that really bother him ;ren, it's the relationship itself.

10. You just know

Sometimes, no matter what other people tell us, no matter what he tells us, to reassure us that no matter what we do, he still loves us reading in any magazine we just know.

And sometimes we try so hard to ignore that feeling; we try harder to keep the relationship from breaking down in order to keep us from breaking down.

But as someone who's tried harder and broken down knows; I think sometimes it's better to leave someone who doesn't appreciate you enough than to hope for nothing and end up breaking.

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