10 signs he's having an affair

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Nowadays, every second relationship seems to fail because of infidelity. Men brag about their affairs and their success at having multiple women in bed at the same time.

It's getting harder and harder to find a loyal and honest man, so it's important to be careful about our trust.

We can't control who we fall in love with, but we can decide who we give our hearts to.

If you've noticed that something is wrong in your relationship, it doesn't have to be true.

It could just be yours be afraid of cheating. Nevertheless knows our gut feelings often do things before our minds do.

Read this list to see if your husband is having an affair or is loyal after all.

1. He avoids giving your relationship a title

That's a red flag by any measure. If he avoids naming your relationship and making it official, it's because he doesn't want to commit.

Whatever his excuse, rest assured that he's single life plus the benefits of a relationship.

It's similar when he makes your relationship public and is immediately distanced afterwards. This also means he is fleeing the obligation.

2. He's super sweet all of a sudden

If he's having mood swings and going from curmudgeon to Prince Charming, he might be trying to make up for it.

< p>Gifts are the most common and obvious sign of infidelity.

So if he's changed his usual behavior lately, and drastically, then it's time you guys sat down and had a chat.

3. He takes his phone everywhere and locks his computer

All his social media accounts and access are locked and you have no access.

He even takes his phone with him when he’s taking out the trash or going to the bathroom.

Let's be honest ladies – what we want is honesty, no secrets.

If your husband wants more privacy and seems like he has a completely different life that you are not a part of, is this really a healthy relationship?

4. You found him on dating sites

There is no more obvious sign that will tell you to his face that he has someone else.

Men who pretend to use these dating apps to find their friends aren't even worth your anger.

All you can do is laugh, honestly. At least we deserve more than damn pathetic excuses.

5. Your gut feeling tells you that something is wrong

As I said before, your gut knows; some things in front of you.

If you are reading this list, it already means that your instincts have already warned you.

You already have the suspicion that Things are not what they seem and something is happening behind your back. It's important not to rush into anything.

First make sure he's really cheating on you, which luckily isn't that difficult.

6. He has never introduced you to his friends or family

You've been dating for months and you haven't met any of his friends yet?

Or you've introduced them to ;Meet her early and he was in a hurry to say goodbye?

It's a clear sign that he doesn’t want you to meet her simply because he’s not serious.


You are just a game to him and he has no interest in sharing it with his friends or family.

7. There are always super private business calls

Every day, every weekend, every hour and every evening his phone rings and he makes super private calls with his work.

There are men who are so devoted to their work, but if he isn't someone who would sacrifice his free time for his job, then that means those calls are from someone else.

Another clue is if he falls silent as soon as you enter the room and waits for you to leave or for him to leave. Which business is so secret please? He's not a spy or anything.

8. He’s always busy

Even though he only has one job, he’s always so busy and there is never enough time for your togetherness.

Always late or on the run, he promises you weekends, trips and vacations that he makes come true.

A man who wants to be with you, who wants you, will always make time for you no matter what. Ask yourself why he doesn't?

9. His sex drive has gone down

If you both had sexual chemistry and desire to heaven and it suddenly went down, that's a sign something is wrong.

He's either under pressure or has already relieved it elsewhere.

If he doesn't talk to you about his problems and instead assures you that everything is fine, then it's a sign that your relationship is over.

10. No matter what you do, he's emotionally distant

Emotionally unavailable men aren't the kind of men you want by your side anyway.

They are never able to fully commit and surrender to a lifelong love and relationship.

They are simply afraid of love and commitment, so they prefer to chase and enjoy the game instead the target.

He will seem aloof and cold when it comes to expressing feelings and even if you open up to him, he will remain withdrawn.

Men distance themselves when they feel guilty and emotionally unavailable.

Together with the other characters on the list, this usually means he has someone else.

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