10 Secret Signs He Wants You Back (But Won't Admit It)

10 Secret Signs He Wants You Back (But Won't Admit It)

We've all been through this. We've all screamed on the phone and texted countless texts in the middle of the night.

We've all cried ourselves to sleep and wondered why this was all happening to us. “Why me dear God?” Who hasn't said that at least once in their life?

You've probably sworn off men, cursed them, and said you'll never date anyone again. You've convinced yourself that you don't need this drama and pain in your life.

So, after tons of ice cream or whatever poison you use when you need comfort, did you realize that you'll be just fine on your own.

You don't need a man to be happy.< /p>

That was the key phrase in your life and you came to terms with it. You were perfectly capable of going on without him.

Of course it's not all that simple. Especially when what should be a painful breakup goes through quickly and without major consequences, you know something has to happen.

You know things can't go so smoothly. call Serious shit is coming that you don't know about yet.

And this is… he wants you back.

Why on earth is he doing this to you? Why does he suddenly want you again when he rejected you?

He didn't want you when he had you and now that you've walked away and come to terms with it, accepting the fact that you are alone and happy, he will come back and give you hidden signals.

What should you do?

Should you jump up with your arms outstretched and take him back, or should you tell him to go to hell, that he had his chance and blew it? Maybe you should first find out why he wants you back and why he doesn't want to admit it.

First, do you know if he loves you at all or he just wants you back? because he's lonely, needs an ego boost, or just wants sex?

To see if these are actually signs that he wants you back but doesn't want to admit it, you need to see if there are signs that he actually loves you or not he just wants to use you for another reason.

Signs he really loves you:

1. The way he looks at you

There is no one for him but you. When you walk into a room full of people, his eyes will be on you and only you.

When he looks at you, he opens his heart completely and his eyes show how vulnerable he really is is.

2. He knows what's important to you

He remembers things he knows are important to you.

Even though you broken up, he defies the no contact rule and keeps texting you and calling you from time to time, usually when you have something important coming up that he already knows about.

So , no matter that you broke up, he is still your support for things that are important to you.

3. He asks for your opinion

Again, even though you broke up, he still asks for your opinion.

He wants to Getting advice from you about the things he can't handle.

He wouldn't ask you for it, and he wouldn't even contact you if he didn't still love you would.

4. He's trying to make you laugh

Even after all this time, you still get texts every once in a while with something funny that happened to him or a joke.

See, that means he's still thinking about you, and probably still is has strong feelings for you.

5. He only wants what's best for you

Maybe that's the main reason he broke up with you in the first place.

Maybe he doesn’t think he’s good enough for you and since he loves you so much he let you go because he only wants the best for you.

He isn’t manipulative asshole who only wants the best for himself.

Maybe he really loves you deeply so he let you go and now he wants you back but doesn't want to admit it .

If he shows some of these signs, you can be sure that he still loves you and wants you back, but won't admit it.

He's probably ashamed he let you go in the first place.

He knows; probably that he made a mistake and thinks there's no chance of you taking him back.

So, let's see what's really at stake, does he really want you back? ck?

Signs he wants you back but won't admit it:

1. He's trying to forget you too quickly

No one can get over a breakup in just a few days. This is a long and painful process.

Even if he didn’t love you, it wouldn’t be so easy to move on at the speed of light.

No, it’s just a best’ It's obvious that he had strong feelings for you and that he wants to get over them as soon as possible.

Love is a very complicated thing. Relationships are very complicated things.

You can't just break up with someone and hope that the pain will go away in a matter of seconds like ripping off a bandage because it doesn't.

Things don't work that way. You have to cry, you have to hate your life for a while and then you have to finally accept it.

So when you see him partying and dating other women and you hear him screaming that it's him goes well and is over you, then it's not him.

He is desperate and has to deal with the fact that he made a big mistake.

2. He's still in touch with your family

Okay, we all know that you can choose your partner, but not your family.

Thes Family comes along and if you love that person, you have to accept their family and learn to love them no matter what.

Well, some are lucky enough to end up with super cool in-laws, but some don't.

If your ex is still in touch with your family when he doesn't really need to be, it's an obvious sign that he still likes you and wants you back even though he seems to be over it will not admit to any reason.

3. He's asking your mutual friends about you

If you've been in a relationship that lasted longer, you probably have some mutual friends or your friends who became his and vice versa.

Now those friends are in an awkward situation. They usually have to choose sides, but there are some who will stay in the middle no matter what.

Such friends are the most common targets of any ex dating the person ;wants to return that he broke up with.

He'll probably ask about you, what you've been up to and if you're dating anyone.

He will take a keen interest in your life because he regrets not being a part of it anymore and he desperately wants you back.

4. He texts you

He texts you out of the blue.

He doesn't want to push you to talk to him, so he knows just the right amount of messages to send without being intrusive but still lingering in the back of your mind.

Actually he wants to see how you are – if you are as unhappy as he is and if he senses that you are he will try to get you back because he obviously made a big mistake but doesn't want to admit it.

He's ashamed of letting go of a perfect girl like you.

5. He talks about your relationship

He keeps mentioning the good old days and how fun it was; you had together.

The truth is, most of us only remember the good times after we've broken up with someone, especially if it's been a while.

But he's purposely fixated on the good times, because that's how he wants to lure you back to all the good memories.

But you know that it takes time to forget what happened to you.

It takes time to heal emotionally and move on from all the bad things that have happened to you, and so does he.

So strategically he will wait a while and then come back and talk about good memories.

If you still have feelings for him, give him another chance and a chance to explain himself, because he's obviously still crazy about you.

6. He's changing for the better

You can't change anyone and that's a fact.

I mean, you can't change people's core, how they really are deep down, but you can change their behaviors, reactions and actions.

You can show them that their behavior is not okay. You can show them their mistakes and help them work on them.

The point is, the only thing you can do is show them where things went wrong and support them , if you want to do things right.

When you were together you wanted to make it, but he wouldn't listen. He thought nothing was wrong with him.

But now he's probably realized you were right and he wants to change and grow. He wants to learn from his mistakes and improve his behavior.

You can see that clearly in the way he is behaving now.

That means he took your words seriously and now he wants to change his mind and have you back, but he won't want to admit it.

7. He calls you when he's drunk

The drunk man's words are the sober man's thoughts. That's the absolute truth.

When you're under the influence of alcohol, your rational mind takes a break and all the things and feelings you're hiding inside come out big; out.

You don’t care at all about the consequences of your words and actions, and you’ll say pretty much anything that is on your heart or soul.

So if he calls you, w’ While he's drunk and says he loves you and wants you back, it's probably the truth.

But this can also be a tricky situation where he just wants to have sex with you ;keep.

So how do you actually know which of these two situations it is?

Well if he calls you back the next morning and embarrassedly apologizes then you know he meant business, but if you don't get a call back then you know he only needed you for one thing – sex.

8. He is active on social networks

He follows you and likes your pics, not in a creepy way but in a good and friendly way, or he does the complete opposite and posts too many photos of himself to show he's having a great time.< /p>

The first scenario is his calm and rational way of showing that he likes you.

If he liked you, he wouldn't be interested in your photos or your social media profiles.

The second scenario is his irrational and strange way of coping with the pain of loss. He posts photos of himself partying and hanging out with different women.

It's his way of trying to make you jealous and his cry for help because he realized he'd lost something he shouldn't have – you.

9. He mentions your breakup

Maybe he's doing it out of the blue, or he's developed an entire overture that will lead to talking about why you guys broke up.

Anyway, there are obviously some unresolved issues he would like to address.

I mean, why bring up something that is as touchy and painful as a breakup is if you don't want to talk about it and try to resolve it, or just wrap it up?

If he starts a conversation about your breakup, chances are he wants to clear things up, although it's also possible he just wants to wrap things up.

The best way to find out what this is really about is to let the conversation go in the direction he wants it to go.

If he expresses regret and grief, does that mean he wants you back but if he's just talking about facts and looking for answers then all he wants is; complete.

10. He wants to be friends with you

Ultimately, no matter what happened between the two of you, he will do whatever it takes to keep his friendship with you.

He will do anything to keep you in his life, even if it means he will suffer silently because he loves you but can't have you back.

Think about it to. Who would want to stay friends with their ex?

Who wants to be reminded that things didn't work out for you and that all you have behind you is a failed relationship?< /p>

Just a guy who wants you back but won't admit it.

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