10 reasons why the best relationship of your life will be with a girl who loves “too much”.

10 reasons why the best relationship of your life will be with a girl who loves “too much”

1. She will bring incredible positivity into your life

She loves you, she loves the world, and that love fills her every cell and bone and muscle and curve.

Their love will shine through their normal, everyday existence and it will be so bright and positive that it will energize you every single day.

2. She will help you get over any past relationship, hurt or trust issues

She loves you too much to think about any other woman. She's the one whose presence unwittingly demands your attention.

She distracts you with her mind, with her cheerfulness, with her smile. She will love you so much that past scars and pain will fade.

You will forget the brokenness, bad relationships of your past and learn to love with her again.

3. She will show you what love really feels like

Not the half-love you've known. Not the love that fades when times get tough or when someone new comes along.

Instead, she will love you steadfastly, patiently, willingly and fearlessly through the ups and downs. She will not retire. She won't run away.

She will love you in a way that will fill in the empty spaces in your life and make you a full, more complete version of yourself.

4. She will never make you feel empty

She will always fill you with her love – on bad days, on tough mornings, after unbelievable losses, in the most difficult times.

You will never be dissatisfied with her, never feel lonely. She will be everything and more.

5. She will teach you forgiveness

She loves the world and continues to love the world even as she sees its brokenness. She will forgive the evil done to her and by her example she will teach you.

She will show you how to let go of those small, painful parts that you cannot control . She will show you how to pull the pain out of your bones and throw it to the wind.

With her you will learn to heal, you will learn to let go and you will learn how liberating this process is .

6. She will be extremely loyal to you

A girl who is “too much” loves will never run out of love for you. She will appreciate you so much that she would never do anything to hurt you.

She may love the world, but that's not the love she shares with you &ndash ; this love is sacred.

7. She will open your heart to emotions

she is emotional She has feelings and she's not afraid to be open and honest about them. She is the type of girl who will shed your layers and reveal the parts of you that you hide.

She will show you the raw, unedited version of herself and you will do the same and learn to love in the most realistic, beautiful way.

8. She will fight with you and especially for you

Because she loves you, she will fight with you. She will argue, she will challenge you, she will push you and she will drive you crazy.

But that's because she cares about you. She cares enough to go through hell together, only to get even closer to you on the other side, even stronger.

And she will for you fight. She will be your partner, your ride-or-die, your other half fighting the world for your love.

9. She will always choose to solve problems instead of leaving

Her love is too much, but that doesn't mean your relationship is perfect. You'll have problems, but she'll always choose to talk, sort things out, compromise, work her way through the dirty part.

She won't pack her bags the second things get complicated; She loves you so she gives it her all.

10. She will love your darkest places

The unforgivable places. The places and memories and regrets and thoughts you hide in the dark corners of your mind – she will love these.

Her love will be the light that breaks through this darkness, removing the cobwebs from what you have pushed away and tried to forget.

She will you and love everything you come with – your past, your insecurities, your fears and your meanness.

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