10 irrational fears all men have in relationships

10 irrational fears that all men in relationships have

Fear can keep us from doing so many great things.

Usually it's the feminine side of Relationship who has the greatest fears about the relationship.

She always questions everything to know if something is wrong.

But what, when I tell you that men are the people with the most irrational fears in their relationships?

In their eyes, a relationship can be wonderful or terrifying; there is no in-between.

They are afraid of the same things as women and more.

Of course, this does not apply to all men. Everyone is different and women can experience these fears too.

1. Not having enough time

Men worry that they won't have time during the week to devote to the relationship.

They don't find it makes sense to invest a whole day in a road trip with her friend when they could finish a project they started or see the game.

2. Not trying hard enough

Fear of not making time for their girlfriend automatically leads to fear of not making enough effort.

Men are clueless when it's about how much attention a woman actually needs and what needs to be done to make her feel special.

It puts pressure on them and they fear they're not doing a good job will afford.

3. That it's going too fast

This fear can be so illogical that it can slow down the relationship process.

You see, men are creatures of habit and when they start a relationship after a long period of being single, something seems weird and they don't like things moving so quickly.

You may have been together for years and he still can't put a ring on you because he's scared.

This can lead to a reconsideration and he can actually start turning the whole relationship into to ask a question.

4. Change

This fear is kind of rational.

Our life is about being ourselves and doing all the things we love to do, right?

That's how fears fears ;know, of course, that their relationship could change them so much that they stop loving the things they were in love with when they were single.

Relationships can be time consuming and he might think there is no way you can make the effort to make your partner happy while investing in the other dreams and goals that are you still have in addition to the relationship.

5. Not Enough Sex

We all know that men love sexual interaction and they fear that sex with a partner can become boring for the rest of their lives; or that their partner doesn't want to have sex as often as they do.

Also, men love to have sex with lots of women just to spice things up.

So a monogamistic sex life is not really attractive to them.

6. A partner who is too clingy

Well, of course relationships build dependencies on each other, but men fear that their girlfriend is too clingy. could be needy.

Because he loves you, he will do anything to make you happy, but that also creates scenarios that he doesn’t really like.

Men want more breathing space when they meet their partner and that gives them security.

7. Cheating

Cheating is the worst and most dishonest thing a person you love can do to you.

After you've been cheated on, you feel you like you're not good enough and men, just like women, don't want that.

They fear you're cheating on them and whatever they say, it breaks break their hearts if you do.

8. Vulnerability

We all know that men are natural protectors.

Society doesn't let them show weakness and they have it got used to that mindset.

But the moment they became more emotionally invested in the relationship, there might be a fear of vulnerability.

They weren't brought up with the idea that being vulnerable is acceptable, but rarely showing their emotions.

They fear their emotions like the plague and just crawl back to their room and hide with their vulnerability.

9. Losing friends

Men love their friends and family and the thought of not having enough space and time in a relationship to devote to them is terrifying.< /p>

It's just that when you start investing too much in a serious, committed, romantic relationship, you invest less (or nothing at all) in other relationships.

10. Lovesickness

You're afraid of being hurt.

When a man with past relationships has had a difficult time, it's normal for him to face it now Fear of attachment.

Men fear that their partner will leave, break up with, or cheat on them.

They fear losing someone who is so special to them and breaks their hearts.

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