10 Guaranteed Ways to Make Him Addicted to You

10 guaranteed ways to get him addicted to you

There are millions of ways to get him addicted, billions of tips, and most of them should be im 19th century be left where they belong.

Changing yourself in any way to make a man addicted to you is all we've been fighting against for a long time .

We should accept them, but also change for them?

The whole idea of ​​love is to find someone imperfect who is a perfect match for us. Nobody is perfect, so why on earth are we looking for perfection?

A good listener, someone who stands behind us and pampers us with loyalty – that's a perfect man.< /strong>

This is a man who will never ask you to change because you are already perfect for him.

And when you find such a man you are naturally anxious to keep him.

It's totally normal to look for advice and ways to keep him in your life, which is why this article is here.

We bring you ten proven ways to keep him addicted after you, which doesn't involve handing him a sandwich and nodding politely while he talks.

I wish I could say that I kidding, but this is real advice I found on the internet. Because the internet is dark and full of terrors.

1. Talk to him

Communication is fundamentally the key to any healthy relationship.

If there is no communication, there is no honesty, there is there are no important parts of your life with your partner.

And of course there is no knowledge of how you two are actually doing because you solve all problems in your own head, and so does he.

It's important to communicate to encourage him to talk to you.

By doing this, you will learn to trust each other and be each other's best friend, which is incredibly important to your relationship .

When you know that your partner is there for you, that your partner will always be there to hear your concerns, to share the silence and to give you advice , life doesn't seem all that scary.

So the first way to get him hooked on you is to be his friend.

2. Accept and support him

Acceptance and understanding are basic human needs. They're things we all crave no matter how confident and badass we are.

We just need someone who will see all our flaws and love us for them. We all need someone to know we're not superheroes, but they still see us that way.

Just as you would like to be accepted, accept him too. Love him for his flaws and flaws, not despite them, and remember that nobody is perfect.

The only thing that matters is how you fit together. Which brings us to the importance of support. Life is hard, and I mean bloody hard.

One moment you're fine and the next you're off your feet and you don't know what you are should do next.

In moments like this, it's important to know that there is someone who has our back, that there is someone who is our number 1 fan. And you should be that for each other.

Encourage him to step out of his comfort zone and be there to comfort him when things don't go as planned. If anything strengthens your relationship, it will be it.

3. Live your life to the fullest

Don't be afraid to take time for yourself. Having dreams to follow and things to love passionately makes you extraordinary.

He fell in love with you when you were free as a bird, when you were yours followed hearts and lived your life to the fullest.

There's no point in giving everything away just because you're in a relationship.

Over time he will start to feel guilty that you gave up your dreams for him and you will inevitably be unhappy because you didn't do all the things you always dreamed of doing. around.

Don't be afraid to have a life outside of your relationship, you will be surprised how much a little distance can help to keep a relationship happy.

4. Spice it up!

Spice up the bedroom, outside the bedroom, wherever you feel like it.

The idea is to keep it exciting, because many couples fall into a routine and start doing things automatically.

Imagine kissing the love of your life on autopilot, because that's how it looks it out.

You can suggest some new positions in the bedroom, surprise him with some sexts or maybe a quick fuck in the morning before work.

The most important thing is, that you feel good about it; There's no point in spicing up your life if you're not 100% into it.

He will feel it and it won't be as exciting as it normally would be. So, do this when you are ready and when you feel it is time.

5. Don't be afraid to be emotional

Collecting your emotions is never a good thing, especially when you've locked them away deep inside. They must eventually come out or you will drown in them and freak out.

Luckily you have someone to talk to, someone who will be happy to help you with any problems.

Show him that you trust him and appreciate his help. Even if he doesn't have good advice like your girlfriends, he still has a shoulder to cry on and ears to listen to.

He will be honored that you decided to Show him your vulnerable side and you'll be relieved. And don't be afraid to say how much you love him and how much you appreciate him in your life.

People need to know that their efforts are not in vain and you are the only one who can assure him of that, so don't keep it to yourself if he does something that takes you off your feet sweeps.

6. Be Confident

Confidence is what makes a man fall head over heels for you and the same goes for your man.

< p>Don't be afraid to rock heels and dresses if they make you feel good.

Try new things, have spa weekends, and go wine tasting with friends.

Do whatever it is that will make your confidence skyrocket and trust me, it will blow kisses. Becoming addicted to you anytime soon.

The thing is, men instantly feel better when they can show off their partner.

And what is, if you're not as perfect as those models in the magazines? It's Photoshop anyway.

Rock your own perfection and embrace it. After all, there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who is confident and who loves herself.

7. Keep it exciting

This is my favorite. Make a list of all the things you want to try and the ones your partner wants to do as they've probably mentioned them to you.

Once the list is ready, start planning. You can even make a list of all the things you want to do by the end of the year.

Make it adventurous and adrenaline pumping like skydiving and bungee jumping.

You can even go hiking or an amusement park if you haven't done it in a long time.

The point is that you do these things together and that you feel good about yourself . Embrace your inner child and do all the things you once dreamed of.

Even if it's crazy driving around like a fire truck, as long as you're having the time of your life and making memories, you're doing it right.

8. Make him a part of your life – not your whole life

When we're in the honeymoon phase we just can't get enough of each other and that's totally normal .

But once the honeymoon phase is over, being together all the time and making it your life isn't entirely normal. Make him a part of your life, but not your whole life.

Pursue your dreams and follow your passions and ask him to come with you and be your company along the way. You two are best friends, sweethearts and soul mates.

But it doesn't mean that the rest of the world ceases to exist just because you two have fallen in love.

Enjoy your life to the fullest and enjoy it with him as well as with your friends and family.

Enjoy. yourself first, because alone time is incredibly important to being happy and healthy too.

You can't learn from an empty cup, so take good care of yourself. Don't be afraid or ashamed to put yourself first sometimes.

You deserve to be happy too.

9. Respect him and ask him to respect you

Probably two of the most important parts of a relationship are respect and loyalty.

Since loyalty comes from mutual respect, respect means that it is the ultimate ingredient for a happy and successful relationship alongside who love is.

Respect his boundaries and time as you would like him to respect yours. If he says he's going out with his friends, encourage him to do so.

Show him that he has your trust. Respect his worth as much as you want to be respected. And respect their desires and values.

For relationships to be successful, many sacrifices and compromises must be made.

But someone who has their free time, dreams and Sacrificing wishes to make the other person happy is a one-way ticket to disaster.

It's even worse to give up your beliefs–which brings us to the final point of this article.

10. Be yourself and encourage him to be himself

Be yourself. Let him be himself. As I have said many times, no one is perfect.

So there is no need for you to give up parts of yourself that make you who you are, or even ask him to do it to do when you are not interested in doing the same thing.

The whole idea of ​​a relationship is doing things together, growing and aging together, changing and being together to develop.

You won't be the same person you were last year, and neither will he.

But as long as you are yourself, as long as you two ü Talking about problems and the things that are going on in your life, you will be fine.

Don't be afraid to show him your vulnerable side as well as your barbaric and wild side.

He fell in love with you, with you. Not only in the beautiful parts. Remember that.

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