10 crystal clear signs your ex doesn't want you back and is over you

10 crystal clear signs that your ex doesn't want you back and is over you

Every breakup is an emotional challenge and difficult to deal with deal with.

But one of the worst feelings ever is when you still have strong feelings for someone but they don't love you anymore and obviously they're moving on with their lives.

You don't know , how to deal with the remaining love inside you and spend your days deciphering any of its signals to at least find out if there might still be a glimmer of hope for a relationship together.

If you're still doubting if your ex is over you or still loves you, here are 10 crystal clear signs your ex doesn't want you back.

I get that sometimes it is It's hard to face the truth, but it's still better than living with a lie.

So if any or all of the points below apply to your ex, then yes know that reconciliation is definitely not an option for him.

1. He blocks your number and social media accounts

One of the clearest signs your ex doesn't want you back is if they changed their number or bucked yours.

They may have done it because they got hurt, but he definitely doesn't want you back.

Another powerful sign is to block all your social media accounts. When he does that, he doesn’t leave any options open.

He wants to make sure that you don’t have a chance to contact him anymore.

The hard truth is that he blocks you from his social media because he doesn’t want you to know whats going on in his life and where he is.

It's the same the other way around – he doesn’t care about your profiles and activities on social media.

Blocking you may not be the most mature decision they've made, but at least it's a clear sign that your ex is ignoring you and wants to continue on their path without you.

Please, respect their wü nish and don't even think about running after him.

2. He brings your things back to you and wants his stuff back

If we break up with someone but still have strong feelings for the person ü brighaben, it is not uncommon for us to cling to memories of that person. Some of those memories are in our ex's belongings.

But if your ex insists on getting your stuff back to you ASAP and also wants his stuff back, chances are he doesn't want anything to do with you anymore.

< p>I know Yes, you might think he's taking the opportunity to keep in touch with you, but that's just an illusion. 

It's far more likely that he's looking for a fresh start and not keeping anything wants to remind him of you.

The guy is clearly over you, he doesn't need things to hold onto anymore.

At the same time it seems that reconciliation is not an option for him, hence he wants his things back.

3. He doesn't seek contact with you

One of the first signs your ex-boyfriend still has feelings for you is if he tries to contact you in any way he can.

Yes, he is Over you, he won't contact you at all.

Instead, he'll avoid all contact with you.

That doesn't necessarily mean he's mean to you will be, but it is clear to him that further contact with you is not necessary.

He does not want to fool himself that you can remain friends. That's why he thinks that any contact between you is unnecessary.

It's not uncommon for both men and women to keep in touch after a breakup, but if your ex boyfriend doesn't feel the need to, it's obvious he has no plans to get back together and that he wants to continue his life without you.

4. He doesn't return your calls and messages.

When you see your ex-boyfriend moving on with his life, your first impulse is to reach out to him before he completely forgets you.

It's my job to warn you, because that's the biggest mistake you can make.

You can be sure that you won't get back together and your ex won't get back with you ;wants to have you. 

If you do this, you will only prove to him that he can have you back anytime and you will only push him further away from you.

That way he'll only see you as needy and desperate and that's the last thing you want.

So if you keep checking in with your ex but you never get a positive reply If you get a response or he never texts you first, that's a clear sign he doesn't want you back and you need to accept it.

Occasionally he will answer your call or reply to your message, but be careful not to mistake his politeness for an interest in you.

If you're the only one maintaining contact and you're not getting any signals back, maybe it's time to take that as a cue to let him go.

5. He doesn't seek contact even after you follow the “no contact rule” followed

You are probably familiar with the “no contact rule” and you decided to use them to get your ex back into your life.

You disappeared from his life for a while and made sure that you didn't run into each other during this phase. 

You assumed that he would realize how much he misses you and how much you are the love of his life.

You expected him to realize how much he loves you and get back together.

But nothing something like that happened. He's still not getting in touch with you, let alone the two of you getting back together.

On the contrary, instead of realizing that he can't live without you, it turns out that he gets along very well without you and making up is not on his priority list.

If the Guy not missing while obeying the “no contact rule” If you keep it, there's a good chance he'll move on with his life and stop thinking about you.

6. He's in a new, serious relationship

The first thing that can help you determine if your boyfriend is over you is his relationship status.

If he stays single long after you two have broken up, it's clear he's not ready for a healthy relationship and chances are he's not over you yet.

The situation is similar when he strays from one relationship to the next. While he's meeting someone new, it's obvious he's just trying to get over your relationship and it's clear he's not ready to commit yet.

If he acts like this, he's only showing you that he really wants to move away from you, but he's choosing the wrong way to go about it.

One one of the biggest signs your ex doesn’t want you back is the fact that they found someone new to genuinely love.

When you see that he has made a fresh start and entered a new relationship, one thing is clear, he has opened a new page in his life with no place for the past.

7. He is not jealous

Anytime a man has romantic feelings for you, he will be jealous of others.

If your ex-boyfriend still wants you in his life, he won't be happy if you're dating someone or even showing up in the singles market at all.

Sure, him will probably try to hide his jealousy because he has no right to be jealous.

However, you two have been together for quite a long time and you can tell when he is jealous.< /p>

On the other hand, if your ex shows no trace of guilt and jealousy when he sees you with someone else and he sincerely wishes you all the best in your new relationship and gives you advice, it is clear that he is not romantic has feelings for you.

He may appreciate you as a person he has been through a lot with, but the sad truth is that he no longer considers you “his woman” viewed.

8. He's not flirting with you

One sign your ex doesn't want you back is how he behaves when you meet face to face.

If he still has feelings for you, his body language and non-verbal gestures will let you know.

But once he's over you, he won't agree in any way flirt with you.

He will not take every opportunity to put a smile on your face or touch you discreetly.

He will not be sexually intrusive, nor will he trying to remind you of times gone by.

He will behave kindly towards you, but will never cross a certain boundary.

He will respect your boundaries and expect the same from you and indirectly tell you that you too should move on with your life .

9. He is not interested in meeting you

When a man has strong feelings for you, he will do everything possible to see you for even a minute .

But one sign your ex doesn't want you back is if he doesn't make the effort to meet you in person.

Even if you do reach out to him to talk He always finds excuses to spend time and it's obvious that he's not interested in seeing you.

You have to accept the sad truth that he doesn't want to see you because he just doesn't want you missed.

He doesn't care to talk about everything that happened between you, he doesn't give a thought to getting back together with you.

10. He is indifferent to you

This may come as a shock to you, but if your ex is being very mean to you, he may be still have feelings for you.

He's probably hurt by something that's happened in your relationship or by the fact that you're not chasing him. 

However, if he is indifferent to you, know that he really is over you and doesn't want you back.

It seems like he is he's completely unmoved by you and no matter what you say or do, you can't anger him.

He'll always be nice to you whenever you see each other, that's it but it does.

If a guy doesn't care about you, he won't bother to see you or avoid you.

For to him you are just a faded memory, nothing more.

< /p>


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