10 charming writing habits that show he likes you

10 charming writing habits that show he likes you

When we meet someone these days, writing seems to be the best way to really get to know the person.

So we send Messages back and forth finding things out, but the problem with writing is that we can't see the other person, which often leads to misunderstandings.

”Is is he just friendly or does he really like me?” is the question we ask ourselves all the time.

To more easily decipher his messages and find out if he likes you, read the list below.

1. He'll reply to you as soon as he can

You don't have to worry if your message will go unread or if he'll ignore it for the rest of the week.

He's not that type of guy.

When he's busy he'll let you know when he's available and he's true to his word.

< p>If he has time, he will answer immediately.

With him, you won't wonder if you're a priority or not.

You already know you are.

2. He suggests things you can do together

He wants to go beyond writing. He wants to get to know you and do something with you.

He will suggest that you can do something that you both enjoy and that he knows you can't resist.< /p>

And if you can't go out together, he'll text you how sad it was that you couldn't be there.

Even if you're not out with him, you don't feel left out.

3. He starts the conversation

He has no problem being the first to text and has no interest in playing games.

< p>You mean too much to him.

He's so excited to talk to you and get to know you that he just can't wait for you to text first.

Even if he gets rejected, it's worth it to him.

4. He is just so adorable

By asking about you and giving you those ‘good morning’ sends messages and ‘Dream sü&squo;’ before you go to sleep.

If you have something important to do that day, he will remember it and ask you about it and give you support.

If you're offline, he'll greet you warmly when you come back and you'll keep texting like you never stopped.

I mean, what woman can resist, when a man really cares about her?

5. He doesn't forget to ask about your day

Even if you've exchanged messages throughout the day, he still asks you how you're feeling and if it was exhausting .

Sometimes we can be with someone all day and they still won't ask how we're doing.

We all forget that from time to time and assume that someone handsome does too is fine.

But deepest worries can remain hidden behind the bright smile.

That's why he takes every opportunity to ask about you and make sure you're okay goes.

6. He keeps the conversation going

It's easy to lose interest when the topics are devoid or repetitive, but that seems impossible with him.

He always has something new to talk about can and always new questions on old topics.

If you're looking for a sign that he likes you, here it is.

Even if it seems that when you've written everything there is to say, he'll find a new topic to talk about.

7. He writes long messages

His replies aren't those polite ones where he just replies to keep the conversation going, but as soon as you don't try anymore, it ends.

He'll text you full replies and long messages, es so there's no reason for you to doubt his devotion.

8. He gave you a nickname on the phone

If someone gives you a contact name, then they are really interested in you.

He likes you very much and you are already something special for him. That's why he gave you a nickname, something only the two of you share.

And if he uses it often, even when you're not texting, then he wants to establish intimacy between you.

Nothing is as intimate as something you create together and share privately.

9. He tells you about his life

Men who are interested in you make you a part of their lives.

Even if he does Even though he's interested in you and your life, he'll still let you know what's going on in his.

He doesn't pretend to be a hard-to-get or mysterious man, and that is a sign that he wants more than games and fun&rsz; with you.

He wants something more serious.

10. He texts you when he wakes up and before he goes to sleep

That means his first thought is in the morning and his last before he goes to sleep. What's sweeter than that?


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