“Miss Russia – 2018” gave birth to a child from billionaire Rustam Tariko – the main sponsor of the competition

Yulia Polyachikhina

The Super.ru portal reported that 21-year-old winner of the title “Miss Russia – 2018” Yulia Polyachikhina gave birth to a daughter from a 59-year-old billionaire and businessman Rustam Tariko. It happened at the end of the summer, but the information was leaked to the press just now. The girl was named Rose in honor of Tariko's mother.

The couple was recently spotted together at the Parus Festival in Dubai. According to the newspaper, they lived in a luxurious hotel of the Jumeirah chain, and, apparently, now everything is serious between Yulia and Rustam – Yulia's mother kept them company on vacation. She then went with lovers to the Maldives.

Yulia Polyachikhina

Name (and fortune) Tariko made primarily in the alcohol business, in addition, he is the chairman of the board of directors of the bank “Russian Standard”. In 2013, Forbes estimated his personal fortune at $ 1.75 billion – more recent data did not appear, but judging by the dynamics of the bank's income, Tariko is doing well.

The businessman also had more amusing achievements. So, in 2006, he was included in the list of the most extravagant billionaires in the world, compiled by the Financial Times, as “the best party planner.” And there is no doubt that he knows a lot about them.

Rustam Tariko and Andrey Fomin

Tariko is the main sponsor of the Miss Russia contest and it is not the first time that he finds his “lady of the heart” there. So, he had an affair with the owner of the title “Miss Mordovia – 2004” Alena Gavrilova (after she became known to the public and as the wife of Emin Agalarov – the couple had already separated, but now they are talking about their reunion). They met in 2004 at the Miss Russia contest, and in 2007 their son Rustam was born.

Rustam Tariko and Alena Gavrilova

Prior to that, Tariko had an affair with another participant in the competition – Victoria Lopyreva, who was awarded the title “Miss Russia” in 2003. There were rumors that she allegedly gave birth to a child from him, which she was forced to hide, but there is no official confirmation of this.

Victoria Lopyreva

Tariko also has two twin daughters from Tatyana Osipova, who were born in 2003. The billionaire was suing Osipova for custody of children and won these courts. In 2010, the court not only ruled that girls should live with their father, but also ordered Tatyana to pay child support for their maintenance. However, later information appeared that Tariko went to the world and would hardly demand real payment of alimony, and the mother would maintain contact with the children, but it is worth mentioning that at the height of the trial Tariko called the position of the ex-companion and her desire to take the children to herself “morally unworthy “.

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