Live streaming on TikTok is a feature that is not available to all account holders. Conducting broadcasts helps to diversify content and makes communication with subscribers more interesting, so it’s worth getting the option connected. Before you make a live broadcast in TikTok, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the features that are available to users of the social network.

The TikTok app allows only those with more than 1,000 subscribers to make a live broadcast.

Who can start a video broadcast at TikTok

Live streaming in Tic Toc is filming that is done online. A person shoots a video of some moment in his or her life and broadcasts the created recording through a social network.

Simple clips are saved to the user’s page after publication, but this is not provided for live broadcasting.

To enable broadcasts, the user account of the social network “Tic Talk” must be prepared. You can only broadcast live if you have at least 1,000 subscribers.

Once this number is reached, the user automatically gets the ability to shoot broadcasts. The feature is added on the day when the account has a thousandth follower subscribed. If someone unsubscribes and the number of readers becomes lower, the live streaming feature is disabled.

This limitation is provided for one reason – excessive load on the network.

A live broadcast can last for any length of time, so it often takes up more space than is needed for a few short videos.

How do you go Live on TikTok

To start live streaming in TikTok, click the add video button.

Как запустить прямой эфир в Тик-Ток

By default, the usual shooting mode opens, but if you already have 1000 subscribers or more, the Live inscription will appear on the right, slide the screen to the left to go into this mode. Next, write the title of the broadcast and click on the button “Live”. After that, the broadcast will begin, and subscribers will receive a notification.

Как сделать прямой эфир в Тик-Ток

How to — Video

How many followers do you need to go live on TikTok


How to get 1000 subscribers for TikTok

To open live streaming, you need to get up to 1,000 subscribers.

Ways to recruit users can be used as follows:

  1. Get people interested in your own content, make interesting videos. The more likes, comments under them, the more often they will be shown in the lists of recommended and attract new users.
  2. Invite readers from other social networks. Using the community “Vkontakte”, Twitter and others, you can gain subscribers among your friends.
  3. Special applications. Programs that allow you to increase your fame can be downloaded from the Internet. Most of them work on the following principle: you need to leave a link to the video, which will be published, then various easy tasks begin to arrive (evaluate someone else’s video, put a “like”, make a repost), when you do a large number of tasks, the popularity of the account will increase.
  4. Mutual evaluation. Users of the social network write messages to others, promising to give them a “Like” or make a repost, provided they do the same with the requestor’s videos.
  5. Paid services. This way to get subscribers is to use programs that develop a profile. You can start a blog and gain a lot of subscribers in a short time, spending a small amount of money. Most such services offer reposts, subscriptions, likes. The blogger must pay the stated price, after which the service specialists begin to boost the popularity of the account.
  6. Giving tasks. People receive payment offers for subscribing to the account, rating posts, sharing videos or inviting people from other social networks to become subscribers to your profile.
  7. Advertising. People whose profiles are already developed and have many subscriptions can be paid to advertise their account.

To get more views of your video, you need to work carefully on it. The storyline should be interesting, not too long, so as not to scare away potential subscribers. You should think it through carefully, and choose the topic that is closest and most familiar to the user. For live broadcasts, choose inclusions from events, answers to questions asked by subscribers. Popular bloggers often air stories about their own everyday life.

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