“You inspire”: Lilu Moss, living with diabetes, is praised for taking the podium with an insulin pump

Leela Moss

The show of the joint collection of Versace and Fendi was one of the highlights of Milan Fashion Week, which ended on Sunday. It is not surprising that the images on the network continue to be discussed until now, especially since the star models took part in the show.

Then the daughter of Kate Moss Leela came out on the catwalk – it was her appearance that caused an enthusiastic reaction. And it's not so much about the outfit as about a small personal accessory that Leela took with her to the catwalk. This is an insulin pump that can be seen on a girl's thigh.

Leela Moss

The 19-year-old daughter of a supermodel is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes – Leela spoke about this about a year ago in an interview. With this disease, insulin is not produced in a person, and it must be specially introduced into the body.

Moss never really focused on her illness and spoke publicly about it only once.

I don't think that many people know that I have diabetes. You can't see him just by looking at a person,

– Leela said then.

But at the show, she still decided to show what it means to live with type 1 diabetes, when your life may depend on a small device. The model's act delighted the subscribers – Leela is praised for the fact that she has become an inspiring example for everyone who lives with such a diagnosis and, perhaps, feels insecure.

I will show this photo of my 11-year-old daughter who has type 1 diabetes.

I love that you don’t hide your pump, you inspire many people living with diabetes!

As a former model and type 1 diabetic person, thank you for walking that damn catwalk in full view! You are just a queen and I want these pictures to be all over the place, because the more people with diabetes share them, the better.

– posted by netizens.

It is worth noting that Leela is not the first model to speak openly about her ailment. For example, Bella Hadid talked about her struggle with Lyme disease, and her sister Gigi was diagnosed with a chronic inflammatory process in the thyroid gland.

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