Violence, racism, and the “bad girls' room”: Marilyn Manson is investigated

Violence, racism, and the

Marilyn Manson

On Sunday night, Rolling Stone magazine published a large investigation into Marilyn Manson, who is accused of sexual, physical and psychological abuse. More than 55 people, who communicated with Manson at different periods of his life, shared their stories with publications for nine months.

Three people who say they were Manson's buddies in the 1990s claim that he showed them his sex videos.

Brian (Brian Warner is the singer's real name. – Ed.) Showed a cassette with all the girls who had oral sex with him in his dressing room. He was proud of it

They said.

Former friends of Manson also claim that the musician often joked about violence. In his 1998 memoir, he described in detail how he played a woman, to whom he said the following:

We're going to rape you in the parking lot and then crush you under your own car.

Violence, racism, and the

The fact that Manson often joked about rape was also mentioned by the actress Esme Bianco, who starred in the TV series Game of Thrones.

Even before I entered into a relationship with him, he said that he was going to rape me,

– she declared.

Other sources of the publication accused Manson of racism – according to them, he often used an offensive N-word in relation to blacks.

He enjoyed the opportunity to say this in front of dark-skinned people,

– said the source.

The investigation also states that Manson was obsessed with Nazism. He had a canister at home with the Cyclone B agent, which the Nazis used to exterminate Jews in gas chambers.

I saw him show it to his Jewish friends and tell them to appreciate it,

– the insider shares.

Esme Bianco claimed that Manson beat her with a whip, which he claims was used by the Nazis.

Violence, racism, and the

Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese

Former colleagues of Manson claimed that he verbally abused members of his group and team. He also encouraged them to keep an eye on each other and inform him of everything that happened.

In 1996, he threw a microphone stand at his drummer Kenneth Wilson, causing him to end up in the hospital.

Manson's ex-girlfriends revealed that he had a “bad girls room” that he used for psychological torture. Former beloved singer Morgan Smithline said that the musician repeatedly forced her to stay for several hours in this room, which was the size of a dressing room.

It sounded cool at first. And then he began to speak it very harshly. Even if I screamed, no one would hear me. I learned not to fight it because he would get what he wanted

– she shared.

Violence, racism, and the

Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson

Almost all of the women who came forward with accusations of abuse of Marilyn Manson said that their romance with the singer began on a positive note – he complimented them and courted them. But then all this quickly turned into manipulation on his part.

In her lawsuit, Morgan Smithline claims that Manson choked, bit, carved his initials on her thigh and raped her several times. Esme Bianco stated that their relationship was accompanied by drug use, constant monitoring and sexual abuse by the singer.

One woman, who remained anonymous, who sued Manson for sexual assault, claims he pushed her to the ground and raped her.

He said that she drove him crazy and made him do it to her. After that he told her: “Never again make me do this to you”,

– the claim says.

After the attack, according to the woman, Manson threatened to kill her and bragged that he would get away with it because she was nobody and he is a star with police connections.

Violence, racism, and the

Marilyn Manson and Lindsay Yusich

Last October, several women, including Morgan Smithline, Esme Bianco and Evan Rachel Wood, met in Los Angeles. Some of them were previously unfamiliar with each other. But all of them had one thing in common: each of them said that the singer mocked them. About three months later, actress Evan Rachel Wood accused Manson of systematic abuse.

Marilyn Manson himself denies all accusations against him and claims that his former partners “are cynically and shamelessly trying to monetize and use the #MeToo movement.” According to him, everything in his relationship happened by mutual agreement.

Despite numerous accusations against the singer, his ex-wife Dita von Teese spoke up in his defense, noting that for the entire time of their relationship she had no such experience, and they parted because of Manson's infidelity and his addiction to drugs.

Now Marilyn Manson is married to Lindsay Yusich, who has not yet commented on the accusations against her husband.

Violence, racism, and the

Violence, racism, and the

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