Victoria Beckham: “Children want me to dress like in the 90s”

Victoria Beckham:

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham, 47, is a well-known fashionista and style icon. Her looks are always elegant and almost flawless. However, her children have their own opinion on this matter. They wish their mom would dress differently and go back to her 90s looks.

My children take out my old photographs. There is one paparazzi picture of me wearing a tracksuit and a big silver down jacket. Cruz sent me this picture a couple of weeks ago and said, “Mom, you look so cool! Why don't you dress like that anymore?” But I think if I dressed like that, the fashion police would lock me up. In another photo, David and I were walking our dogs when we lived in Manchester. The children said, “Mom, you look great!”

She said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

Victoria Beckham:

Victoria and David Beckham, 1999

Victoria herself treats her old images calmly, and often with humor. In 1999, she and David wore matching Gucci leather suits for the Versace fashion show. Victoria says that their choice was wrong. And it's even more a matter of choosing a designer, and not the outfit itself. Beckham jokes that she will never be allowed to forget this look because they wore Gucci to the Versace event.

Victoria Beckham:

However, Victoria says that she does not look back and does not regret her questionable choice of outfits in the past. Over time, she found her own style in which she feels comfortable.

I never look back and nothing makes me shudder. It was a journey that took me to where I am now. I think it's all about being simpler, being true to who you are, and being comfortable,

– noted Beckham.

Victoria Beckham:

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