“True Love”: The Network Discusses Backstage Photos of Kate Middleton and Prince William from the Earthshot Prize

Kate Middleton and Prince William

Last Sunday, the Earthshot Prize, an environmental award ceremony initiated by Prince William and Kate Middleton, was held in London. The Dukes of Cambridge, as always, were very restrained in public – the spouses rarely allow themselves to show tender feelings in public, although the royal protocol does not prohibit this. Yesterday, behind-the-scenes pictures appeared on the network in which Kate and William did not restrain their feelings and looked in love and happy.

Pictures were taken by royal photographer Chris Jackson. He said that the Duchess of Cambridge was very proud of her husband that day.

The Duchess was obviously very proud of her husband and what he had achieved. It was a really special evening

– he said.

In the photo, he captured the moment when Kate hugged William behind his back, and he looked at her tenderly.

The couple shared photos on their Instagram, delighting numerous fans.

What delicate photographs that show their devotion to each other!

How nice to see true love in the royal family.

I don't see the Duke and Duchess in these photographs. I see a couple in love

– write netizens.

Prince William, Kate Middleton and Emma Watson

By the way, William's younger brother Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle did not hold back their feelings in public, even as senior members of the royal family. They often appeared in public holding hands and behaved very affectionately towards each other.

Blogger Celena77 shared the first photos with Spletnik.

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