The network is discussing the “confession” of Dima Bilan after his scandalous speech in Kazakhstan

The network is discussing the

Dima Bilan

For the second day, the network is actively discussing the performance of 39-year-old Dima Bilan at a wedding in Kazakhstan and a video with the singer's apology, which he published after that in a story.

Bilan entered the stage in an inadequate state – he practically did not stay on his feet and did not hit the notes. In an emotional address to fans on the social network, Bilan admitted that he was drunk. The singer explained his behavior by the fact that he was very tired due to the huge amount of work, and could not even hold back his tears.

Sometimes a person gets drunk, hasn't this happened to you? I will never believe. I have not slept for three days already, because I have filming, filming, filming, songs, music. I am constantly in a state of sparking. I am very tired, and I am 40 years old on my nose. I am very sausage. My mom is crying. Watching my stories. I'm very ashamed

– said Bilan, bursting into tears.

The network is discussing the

The network reacted to Bilan's revelations in different ways. Someone reacted with understanding to the experiences of the singer, and someone recalled his scandalous performance at the City Day in Samara, where he also went on stage in an inadequate state.

Sad from the stories of Dima Bilan and from the video from Kazakhstan. Now everyone will shame him, but it is obvious that the man is wild ******** (tired. – Ed.). You can talk a lot about professionalism and the boundaries of what is permissible, but humanly it is worthwhile to understand and sympathize. A very talented artist. It's hard to be a car 24/7

– Ksenia Sobchak supported him.

The network is discussing the

But the telegram channel “Babskaya kurilka” did not share her opinion.

Well, actually, in that case, the whole country can sleep in our country. For in Russia everyone is in a state of not just “striking sparks”, but of the struggle for existence.

Bilan is a public person, this is a choice. And, if you chose this, carry your face. Don't you take it out? Leave the stage and make chips there, or a burger, or ****** (face. – Ed.) Trade for instant coffee.

In short, Dimka must leave the stage. We love him terribly. But the time has come. Reluctance to watch Malakhov's broadcast about how Dima stepped out the window,

– they think there.

The network is discussing the

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