“The Godfather” on Fashion: What They Say About Gucci House with Lady Gaga Film Critics, Netizens and Designer Tom Ford

Adam Driver and Lady Gaga

The worldwide distribution of the film “House of Gucci” has already begun (Russian viewers, however, will be able to see it in theaters only from December 2), and many reviews from critics and ordinary moviegoers have already appeared on the network. Ridley Scott’s new film with Lady Gaga and Adam Driver in the lead roles is being discussed very vigorously, because the picture is devoted to a sensational real story – the murder of Maurizio Gucci, heir to the founder of the Gucci brand, his ex-wife. The opinions of the public were divided: the script and dialogues, as a rule, were sharply criticized, but the performance of some of the actors was assessed positively (although not everyone was praised here either). In our material, we offer an overview of the first ratings given to the film by the media and netizens.

Initially, it was clear that the film could turn out to be rather confusing – before watching, it is better to get acquainted with the real story in order to understand family intrigues and squabbles, as well as learn more about the prototypes of the heroes of Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Jared Leto, Al Pacino and others. The congestion of the script and the length of the film (it runs for two hours and 40 minutes) are also indicated by some reviews.

Director Ridley Scott has good style and impressive workmanship, but this time around, he seems to be lacking the necessary inspiration. Most of the scenes consist of one Gucci yelling at the other Gucci – in Milan and New York, in the middle of the Alps and next to the lake, in hotels, conference rooms, villas and cafes. <…> As the House of Gucci evolves, it becomes both overwhelming and tedious at the same time,

– wrote about the film in The New York Times.

Jeremy Irons, Adam Driver, Lady Gaga, Jared Leto and Al Pacino on the movie poster

This overwhelmed and clumsy film could make more sense in a miniseries format,

– concluded in Slate.

Designer Tom Ford, who started at Gucci in 1990 and was the creative director of the brand from 1994 to 2004, also spoke about the film. He was also featured in the film adaptation of this true story (played by actor Reeve Carney in the film).

I recently experienced the screening of the nearly three-hour film House of Gucci. In terms of subtlety, it rivals the soap opera “Dynasty”, but does it with a much larger budget. Was it a farce or a gripping tale of greed? I often laughed out loud, but should I have?

– said Ford, but noted that his opinion may be biased, since he personally knew Maurizio Gucci.

Tom Ford

The critics also gave their assessment to the play of the main actors of the film.

As for Jared Leto’s voice, while others borrow slightly ridiculous Italian intonations, he speaks his words in a high pitched tone, so hearing these screams suggests that he is trying to communicate with whales. Only Al Pacino approaches the level of this parodic presence on the screen,

– said in a review by The Guardian.

Jared Leto in the movie “Gucci House”

This film, directed by Ridley Scott, is undoubtedly his best work since Gladiator. <…> “House of Gucci”, which can be called “Godfather”, filmed about fashion, is a complex truthful story of how power actually works. <…> Patricia Reggiani may have been a money hunter, but Lady Gaga fills her with sad sincerity. There is greed and openness in her face, fire runs through her eyes. She has an innate gift for being an actress, allowing you to read her emotions, but with a sense of mystery.

– wrote about the film in The Variety.

Lady Gaga looks incredible as Patricia Reggiani. The film only makes sense when it comes to her,

– such an assessment of the singer’s acting skills was given in Vulture.

The driver struggles with bad material for almost an hour, but no one can save this apparently uncontrollable ship. This is a terrible carnival of poorly embodied and simply bad ideas. It’s hard to count all the reasons Gucci House doesn’t deserve to waste your time on it,

– wrote in the Irish Times.

Lady Gaga and Adam Driver in the movie “Gucci House”

On the IMDB website, the film has so far scored only 7 points out of 10 possible, and on the popular Rotten Tomates platform, its rating is now 61% (the data changes as new reviews appear).

The impressions of ordinary viewers also vary. Many also complain about the too deliberate and almost parodic depiction of everything Italian and the almost operatic exaggeration in the depiction of passions. Acting scores seem to be distributed based on who is whose fan.

I was bored, fidgeting and thinking when this would all be over. I would suggest you skip this nonsense, but Al Pacino alone made it worth the ticket price. A lot of the film reviews seem to have been made by fans of Lady Gaga who just don’t see anything wrong, but it was mediocre at best and we all know that!

– posted by one of the IMDB users.

The all-star cast acts like they are playing community theater at the local school gym. Really stupid Lady Gaga acting with a terrible accent. Adam Driver is not much better: it feels like he’s just trying to add a line to his resume. Al Pacino is always hilarious in his last roles. He is the “godfather” of fashion in this Gucci film. In general, something between boring and depressingly funny,

– said another user of the platform.

Lady Gaga in the movie “Gucci House”

But other viewers seemed happy with the cast.

Lady Gaga is always fun to watch, and Driver, always impressive, plays one of his best roles here,

– posted by one Rotten Tomatoes user.

This is not Ridley Scott’s worst film, but one of his most disappointing.

– another user of the site shared his opinion.

In general, in order to get an impression, it seems, you still have to watch the film yourself. If you have already rated the new painting, share your opinions in the comments!

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