Simon Baker of “The Mentalist” broke up with his girlfriend after attending anti-vaccine rally

Simon Baker of

Simon Baker / Laura Gibbs

56-year-old Australian actor Simon Baker, known for the TV series “The Mentalist”, diverged views from his 36-year-old lover – designer Laura Gibbs. Upon learning that she had attended an anti-vaccine rally, Baker broke up with her.

Simon Baker of

After breaking up with her boyfriend, Gibbs continued to actively oppose coronavirus vaccinations, calling discrimination the restrictions unvaccinated people face. However, she protects not only the rights and freedoms of citizens, but also her business – the store of her brand Nagnata in the city of Byron Bay was forced to close last month, as the weakening of coronavirus restrictions affected only the vaccinated, the unvaccinated could not visit it.

Simon Baker of

Laura Gibbs

Well, these are the realities of our time, when the reason for the separation of lovers is not betrayal, but different views on the coronavirus vaccine.

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