Roskomnazdor wants to ban films and TV shows with “sex deviations” – here are 13 projects that we can lose

Roskomnazdor wants to ban films and TV shows with

Shot from the series “Sexual Enlightenment”

Recently, the news that Roskomnadzor proposed to prohibit video services from broadcasting content “promoting non-traditional sexual relations and sexual deviations” was heatedly discussed. If this happens, it is possible that a number of popular films and TV series will be banned. To get an idea of which projects may disappear from the free access if the proposal is approved, the first step is to understand what is meant by the term “sexual deviation”. In the International Classification of Diseases, the list of such deviations includes voyeurism, exhibitionism, sadism, masochism, fetishism, transvestism and many other “-isms”. In theory, references to any of the items on this list can be found in almost any product of the modern film industry. But we decided to recall some tapes that, perhaps, would have fallen victim to the innovation in the first place.


The Spanish TV series about the life of students of an elite school is popular all over the world, including among the Russian public. But the censorship associated with sexual deviations, the show would hardly have passed. The heroes of the project are experimenting with might and main, so threesomes, same-sex relationships, peeping or hot sex right within the walls of their native school are standard plot twists in “Elite”.

Roskomnazdor wants to ban films and TV shows with

“Sex in another city”

The series is originally called The L Word and has nothing to do with Sex and the City (which, by the way, could well be mentioned in this list). The series was launched in 2004, and then the multi-part tape dedicated to lesbian heroines, of course, had a rather scandalous fame. The public was shown the ordinary life of representatives of the LGBT community: the heroines fall in love, experience crises in relationships, break up, dream of children – and have a lot of sex.

Roskomnazdor wants to ban films and TV shows with

A couple of years ago, the series was restarted, adjusted for new realities and “new ethics”, but the frank scenes did not diminish.

Probably, any of these projects can be regarded as propaganda of unconventional relationships, so we add the series to the list of potential “banned”.

Roskomnazdor wants to ban films and TV shows with


The Showtime series is about the life of financiers, but life is not boring. For example, the BDSM theme plays an important role in the feed – all of a sudden. Actually, the series begins with a similar scene. One of the main characters is the Attorney General of New York, who has a secret passion for BDSM practices. His wife, a psychologist, takes on the role of a dominatrix. Roskomnadzor is unlikely to approve of this.

Roskomnazdor wants to ban films and TV shows with

Shot from the TV series “Billions

“Game of Thrones”

If Roskomnadzor is serious about fighting sex perversions on the screen, then everyone's favorite “Game of Thrones” is definitely in danger. Indeed, in the cult series, there are just more than enough of them, as well as sex in principle. There are incest, orgies, and many cruel scenes: what is only the first wedding night of Sansa Stark – in fact, rape. Suffice it to mention one of the most shocking moments of the series, in which brother and sister Jaime and Cersei Lannister indulge in passion near the lifeless body of their son. So in terms of all kinds of deviations, “Game of Thrones” is not so much equal.

Roskomnazdor wants to ban films and TV shows with

“Sexuality education”

He is “Sex Education”. One of the most popular Netflix projects today talks not only about sex, although there are a lot of frank scenes and conversations in it, and surely, if you try, you can find many reasons to send the series to the banned list. At least due to the fact that one of the main characters is gay, and the topic of homophobia is repeatedly raised by the authors of the tape, among other pressing problems of our time.

Roskomnazdor wants to ban films and TV shows with

By the way, Sex Education is just praised for the fact that it does not slide down to the level of traditional teenage comedies about sex, but speaks about a variety of things – from attitude to one's own body, protection from unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases to the importance of respecting each other's personal boundaries and communication between parents and children.

Roskomnazdor wants to ban films and TV shows with

“Close friends”

The series was released in the early 2000s and was devoted to the topic of same-sex relationships; it is called one of the first American projects dedicated to the life of the LGBT community. The bed scenes, almost revolutionary for those years, caused a lot of talk – some admired the courage of the authors, others, on the contrary, were indignant. Nowadays, movies about same-sex relationships, homophobia, HIV and AIDS are commonplace, but at the dawn of the 2000s, it really was a revelation. By the way, last spring it became known that an updated version of “Close Friends” will be filmed, and Kim Cattrall will appear in the reboot. But whether Russian viewers will see it if Roskomnadzor's proposal is accepted is a big question.

Roskomnazdor wants to ban films and TV shows with

Shot from the series “Close Friends”

“50 shades of grey”

Talking about BDSM – and immediately remember the sensational shades of gray. It seems that never before has there been so much and openly talked about sadomaso, as in 2015, when the screen version of the scandalous novel by E.L. James was released. We believe there is no point in retelling an already well-known plot, as well as delving into the details of the deviations “promoted” by the project. Let's just note that after the premiere of the tape, according to marketers, sales of BDSM accessories in a number of Russian regions jumped by 20-40 percent. In some cities, almost every second buyer of sex salons wanted to buy “something from” 50 shades of gray.

Roskomnazdor wants to ban films and TV shows with


However, long before “50 Shades of Gray” and “Billions”, whips and handcuffs were already flashing on the screen. One of the founders of the genre is the 2002 drama “The Secretary”. An office worker with a craving for self-harm played by Maggie Gyllenhaal, her boss Mr. Gray (coincidence?), Portrayed on the screen by James Spader. Well, and a stormy BDSM romance in all the picturesque details.

Roskomnazdor wants to ban films and TV shows with

Still from the film “The Secretary”

“Call me by your name”

Films about romantic stories between same-sex partners will surprise no one, nevertheless, tapes like Call Me By Your Name may soon be banned in Russia as “promoting non-traditional relationships”. In the film about the romance between the characters Timothy Chalamet and Armie Hammer, there are enough candid shots and there is even an erotic scene with the participation of a peach (another deviation?). And the very presence of Hammer – in real life, a great specialist in sex experiments – adds scandalousness to the tape.

Roskomnazdor wants to ban films and TV shows with


As in the 90s, “Babies” shocked the public, so in our time – “Euphoria”. The main character is a drug addict, her friend is a transgirl who has sex with unfamiliar men, a dominatrix schoolgirl who has become a webcam model, hard sex and a lot of nudity in the frame: the project about Generation Z was not in vain, immediately after its release in 2019, was called the most provocative from all the new series.

Roskomnazdor wants to ban films and TV shows with

“Orange is the new black”

Now there are scenes in the series that are hotter than in the tape “Orange is the hit of the season”, which was shown in 2013. But then the project was considered almost the most obscene and shocked some of the viewers. In the series about a women's prison, there are many scenes of lesbian sex, there are orgies with the use of illegal substances, among the characters there are heterosexuals, bisexuals, lesbians, and a transgender woman.

Roskomnazdor wants to ban films and TV shows with

Shot from the series “Orange is the New Black”

“Sex / Life”

Of the relatively recent premieres of Netflix, the series Sex / Life, which is remembered for its abundance of hot scenes, clearly would not have been censored. The entire first season is built on the memories of a married Billy about a turbulent youth, including a hot romance with her ex-boyfriend, which is told in full detail. Of course, there was also a place for “deviations”. Take, for example, the episode in which ex-lover Billy calls her on FaceTime before having sex with her best friend – and the main character watches the process (voyeurism, exhibitionism detected). Or the episode in which Billy and her husband go to a swing party to bring back a dying passion to their relationship.

Roskomnazdor wants to ban films and TV shows with

Shot from the TV series “Sex / Life”

“Girl from Denmark”

Will films about transgender people pass the test for “propaganda of perversion”? The 2015 film with Eddie Redmayne, for example, tells the story of the first transgender woman to undergo gender reassignment surgery. The hero of Redmayne is the artist Einar Wegener, who enthusiastically poses for his wife-artist in dresses, gradually more and more harmoniously feeling himself in the female image. Einar begins to live a different, closer life to him, where his new name is Lily, and in the end he decides on a complex operation – at the beginning of the 20th century, this is a dangerous and little-studied innovation.

Roskomnazdor wants to ban films and TV shows with

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