“Pumpkin cream”: dye our hair in a trendy shade this fall

We have already talked about the main trend in coloring this season – a rich copper-red hue, which has returned to fashion straight from the 1990s. However, autumn inspires colorists around the world for other color options with a red undertone. So, just from their presentation, another hair color with a very tasty name “pumpkin cream” leaked into the trends. Such coloring will be an excellent option for those who are not yet ready to fully go into red, as well as for blondes who have long dreamed of bringing something new to their image. Words are superfluous here – we are inspired by examples!

The hair color fashionable this season has received such an appetizing name for a reason. In color, it is somewhat reminiscent of a fragrant pumpkin soup with cream or a sweet pie with the same seasonal vegetable in its composition. How does this color option differ from others like it with warm shades of copper, paprika and caramel?

From a rich copper-red or no less popular shade of spicy pumpkin this season (by the way, it is now relevant in manicure), this color is distinguished by lightness and translucency. In this version of coloring, colorists move away from deep brown-red shades, relying on gentle pastel-orange tones. Another main feature of the “pumpkin cream” is interspersed with light highlights.

The balayage technique usually helps to achieve this color, which creates the effect of hair naturally burnt out in the sun. This color is ideal for natural redheads or natural blondes, because the hair roots usually remain intact. Balayazh will not only add golden-creamy shades to the hairstyle, but also visually increase the volume of the hair. Another bonus is the fact that this hair color will look great both on straight or slightly curly hair, as well as on heavily curly hair.

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