“My love was born”: Diana Pozharskaya and Oksana Fandera touchingly congratulated Ivan Yankovsky on his birthday

Ivan Yankovsky and Diana Pozharskaya / Oksana Fandera and Ivan Yankovsky in childhood

Over the past weekend, the stars celebrated Halloween en masse, but some also had personal holidays. So, actor Ivan Yankovsky celebrated his birthday on October 30 – the grandson of the legendary actor Oleg Yankovsky turned 31 years old.

Ivan Yankovsky

On this day, Ivan received congratulations from family and friends, but the most touching (and, of course, arousing interest among the public) were congratulations from his mother, 53-year-old Oksana Fandera, and his lover, 29-year-old Diana Pozharskaya, with whom Ivan is raising son Oleg. Recall that Yankovsky Jr. became a father quite recently: the child was born on June 26, 2021.

Ivan Yankovsky with his son Oleg

Ivan Yankovsky and Diana Pozharskaya

In her congratulations, Oksana Fandera did not forget to list all the hypostases of her son, but to the archival children's photos of Ivan she also added actual photographs in which he was captured with Diana and their child.

Grandson, son, brother, husband, father, friend, you are everyone’s companion, vaccination against all ailments. Thank you for being held inside. Happy Birthday, bright inside and out. We love (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the authors are preserved. – Ed.),

– wrote Oksana.

Oksana Fandera with her son Ivan

Diana Pozharskaya and Ivan Yankovsky

Diana Pozharskaya was not so verbose, but she was also very emotional.

My love was born today!

– wrote the girl, having published a series of pictures with her beloved.

On one of the frames, she drew a yin-yang symbol. In Chinese philosophy, it denotes the interaction of extreme opposites, which mutually complement each other and form a balance that is impossible without one of the halves of the symbol (there can be no black without white, and vice versa).

Recall that Ivan and Diana confirmed their relationship in March of this year – rumors about the novel appeared earlier, but Diana stubbornly denied them at one time.

In June, the lovers became parents for the first time. They named their son in honor of Ivan's grandfather, People's Artist of the USSR Oleg Yankovsky.

Ivan's father Philip Yankovsky said that he had no influence on young parents and did not persuade them to name the child after his famous father and founder of the acting dynasty.

Oksana and I have nothing to do with this. The parents themselves decided so. When I called my friend Vova Mashkov and said: “That's it, I'm a grandfather!”, He asked: “Well, congratulations, happiness. What was your name?” I answer: “Oleg”. – “Well, for you, the Yankovskys, your imagination doesn't really work!” We laughed, of course. But this is how it all works out

– said Philip Yankovsky.

Philip Yankovsky with his son Ivan

Liza Yankovskaya congratulated Ivan and his sister by publishing a photo from the family archive taken by their mother. Now Lisa is also actively developing her acting career. So, recently the TV series “Lost” was released, where she played the main role.

Lisa and Ivan Yankovsky

In the famous family, Ivan's chosen one, Diana Pozharskaya, seems to have been well received. So, Oksana Fandera publishes a photo of her son with her chosen one on her instagram, including from family gatherings and holidays.

Recall that Diana and Ivan met on the set of the film “World Champion”. Previously, Pozharskaya was married to director Artem Aksenenko, and Ivan had been dating the daughter of rock musician Konstantin Kinchev Vera for seven years.

Diana Pozharskaya with Ivan Yankovsky and his family

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