Mila Kunis spoke about raising her daughter: “I advised her to hit back”

Mila Kunis spoke about raising her daughter:

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

Mila Kunis, 38, and her husband, 43, Ashton Kutcher, are raising two children: seven-year-old daughter Wyatt and four-year-old son Dimitri. Speaking on Ellen DeGeneres' online show Mom Confessions, the actress spoke about her biggest mistake in raising children, which could turn into trouble for her.

Mila said that once in kindergarten, her daughter was pushed by another child. When the star found out about this, she instinctively asked Wyatt if she had pushed him back. When Wyatt said she didn't, Mila advised her next time to give back to her abuser.

I told her next time to push him, say “no thanks” and leave,

– said Kunis.

But, as it turned out, the methods of raising his wife Ashton Kutcher are not always shared. The star said that he did not agree with her advice given to her daughter.

I saw his face that read “no!”

– said Mila.

However, she continued to insist on her own.

You defend yourself and say no thanks. Of course, you don't need to push another child off a ladder, swing, or slide. I think I would call this my biggest failure in parenting,

– added Kunis.

Probably, Ashton thought that such advice could turn into dire consequences, and Mila also understood this.

Mila Kunis spoke about raising her daughter:

The actress also said that her daughter is very similar to her.

My daughter is me. She is independent, brave and very smart. This is a wonderful character trait for adults and very difficult for children. She has a million answers to all questions, and she is not wrong,

– shared Mila.

Mila Kunis spoke about raising her daughter:

Recently, the actress has already publicly talked about children several times, for which she was later criticized. At first, she said that she and Ashton do not bathe their daughter and son every day, and then said that sometimes she completely forgets to feed them. Probably, her last confession will not go unnoticed either.

Mila Kunis spoke about raising her daughter:

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