Mass shooting at Perm University: the chronology of the tragedy and public reaction

Mass shooting at Perm University: the chronology of the tragedy and public reaction

On Monday, September 20, shots were fired at the Perm State University. The educational institution was attacked by 18-year-old Timur Bekmansurov, a freshman of this university. As a result of the mass shooting, according to the latest data, six people were killed and another 28 were injured. The authorities of the Kama region declared September 21 a day of mourning for those killed in the shooting at the Perm State University. The attacker himself resisted the arrest and was wounded, now he is in the hospital. We have collected in our material everything that is known about the incident at the moment.

Chronology of the attack

The first reports of the shooting in the university building appeared in the press at about 10 am Moscow time (this is noon in Perm). The attacker began to shoot on the street in front of the university, killing the first person there. He then entered the building, shooting the guard who was trying to stop him. The guard did not have time to press the panic button. A lot of videos, filmed by students from the classrooms of the university, have appeared on the network. Judging by them, they noticed the approach of a man with a weapon and immediately took measures to save them. Many barricaded themselves in the classrooms; people from the lower floors tried to get out through the windows.

I ran out of steam, at 11:20 we took the elevator down to the first floor. At this time, the elevator doors opened, two girls ran in, and the shooting began. We abruptly dragged them into the elevator, went upstairs to the fifth floor, barricaded ourselves and sat in the audience for about an hour.

We sat in the audience for about an hour. There were 60 of us there. We closed the door, barricaded ourselves completely with chairs, desks and all that,

– quotes the words of eyewitnesses portal

Mass shooting at Perm University: the chronology of the tragedy and public reaction

Attacker in front of the university. Screen from video

As a result, the first to arrive at the scene was the crew of the traffic police of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Perm, consisting of junior police lieutenant Konstantin Kalinin and senior police lieutenant Vladimir Makarov. Kalinin managed to enter the building and neutralize the criminal. Makarov also organized the evacuation of students.

Running up to him, I fixed the movements, removing the gun, cartridges and knife to the side. Then he began to provide medical care,

– said Kalinin.

The students also noted that there was no general warning or signaling inside the university, some teachers continued to lead the pairs, as they did not immediately understand what was happening. According to one of the students, the first vehicles of the National Guard and an ambulance arrived 10-15 minutes after the shots were fired.

As a result of the attack on the university, 6 people were killed, including the famous physician of the Kama region, 65-year-old Margarita Engaus, another 28 were injured. On the fact of the shooting, a criminal case was initiated under Part 2 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code (“Murder”).

Preparing an attack

Timur Bekmansurov, 18, documented in detail the preparations for an attack on the university. Before committing the crime, he wrote a post on the social network in which he told how he received the weapon and how long he had been thinking about the mass execution. He also made a statement that he acted alone, was not a member of extremist organizations, was apolitical and not religious. So, the criminal said that he began to save money for the purchase of firearms from the 10th grade, and if it was not possible to buy a weapon, he would spend the money on getting a driver's license – he also considered the car as a weapon option. By March 2021, the young man collected the required amount.

From the middle of the 10th grade, he began to save money for the purchase of firearms, or if he failed to acquire it, the money would be used to obtain a B1 category driving license. It didn't matter to me how I did it, whether I would use a weapon or a car, or perhaps a knife bomb. <...> By March 2021, I had collected a sufficient amount to buy weapons, after the age of 18, I began the procedure for obtaining a license,

– wrote the offender.

Bekmansurov also admitted that he initially considered the option of attacking his former school, but in the end found it “too unpleasant place to spend the last 10 minutes of his life in it.” He also considered shopping malls, hospitals, recruiting centers, theaters and a train station as the site of the attack.

The student also described in detail the passage of the examination by the psychiatrist, admitting that he managed to prepare for one test (on the day of the visit, he did not have time to pass it, and he was assigned a new date), and the second, coincidentally, knew in advance – he was thrown off by an acquaintance. Thus, he managed to deceive the doctors. In his “manifesto”, the criminal expressed his contempt for all people, and also wrote that he “does not care about popularity.”

Classmates of Timur Bekmansurov said that even at school he spoke openly about his plans, but few people took his words seriously. So, one of the former classmates remembered how one day Bekmansurov had an argument with a teacher over a grade.

He simply says to her directly: “I will someday buy a weapon, I will ***** (to hell) shoot you all.” We remember all this now. After all, no one took his words seriously,

– quotes her words REN TV.

In the classroom, he answered best of all to questions about the war, about weapons, and he knew how to shoot, in the shooting range he was the best shooter of all of us. And he spoke aloud, did not hide that he dreamed of attacking. We could have prevented this. But they didn't take it seriously, they thought he was joking like that. Almost everyone knew what he was going to do, but no one came up and told anyone about it, so that this problem was worked out with him in advance,

– the site quotes another classmate.

Bekmansurov's parents are reportedly divorced. The young man lived with his mother, Natalya Rodygina, who was summoned for interrogation after the incident. She works as a teacher in the same school where her son studied. Timur's father, Marat Bekmansurov, is a military man, has been to hot spots, and now serves under a contract in the Samara region. He has already managed to give a small comment to the press. The man noted that his son was fascinated by the computer and was reluctant to go for a walk.

Public reaction

The incident came as a real shock for everyone, especially considering that the pain from another similar case, the execution in Kazan gymnasium No. 175, committed by 19-year-old Ilnaz Galyaviev on May 11 this year, has not yet subsided. At the moment he is under investigation and is undergoing a psychological and psychiatric examination. He killed seven children and two teachers, another 24 people were injured.

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his condolences in connection with the terrible incident in Perm.

At the same time, I understand perfectly well that no words of sympathy can drown out the bitterness of losses, the pain of these losses, especially when it comes to young people who are just starting their lives. This is a huge disaster, and not only for families who have lost their children, but for the whole country,

– said the president.

Mass shooting at Perm University: the chronology of the tragedy and public reaction

Vladimir Putin

It is also known that on behalf of the Governor of the Perm Territory Dmitry Makhonin, the families of the victims will receive financial assistance. The families of the victims will receive one million rubles each, the wounded as a result of the shooting will be paid 500 thousand rubles each. Also, 100 thousand rubles will be paid to those who were injured.

The former governor of the region Maxim Reshetnikov, the ombudsman for human rights in Russia Tatyana Moskalkova, participants of the Flaertina documentary film festival in Perm (which is taking place these days), the team of the Perm Opera and Ballet Theater and many others also expressed their condolences. Residents of Perm rushed to donor centers to donate blood, which is now needed by the victims.

Some stars did not remain indifferent either.

Today, all our prayers are for the salvation and recovery of the wounded and injured at Perm University. Dozens of lives were under terrible threat. After such events, a ringing emptiness and pain tears me apart,

– wrote Zara.

Similar cases in Russia

As mentioned above, recently this, alas, is not the only tragic incident with the attack of young people on educational institutions.

In May of this year, Ilnaz Galyaviev attacked his former gymnasium, killing a total of nine people.

In November 2019, a student of the Amur College of Construction and Housing and Utilities in Blagoveshchensk used firearms. One person was killed, the attacker himself committed suicide.

In October 2018, a student of the Kerch Polytechnic College detonated a homemade bomb in the building of an educational institution, and then began to shoot people with a pump-action gun. 20 people were killed, the attacker himself committed suicide.

In February 2014, in Moscow school No. 263, a student shot and killed a geography teacher and then a police officer. The assailant was declared insane and sent for compulsory treatment.

Also in recent years, attacks with the use of knives have been carried out in Russian schools.

The first news was shared by the blogger Godgifu.

Spletnik's editors express condolences over the tragedy and mourns along with everyone.

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