“Liquid hair”: a new beauty trend that goes crazy on social networks

Jennifer Lopez / Kim Kardashian

Healthy shiny hair has never gone out of fashion, but this fall the so-called “liquid hair”, already beloved by many celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox, Jennifer Lopez and others, broke into the main beauty trends. What kind of hairstyle it is and how to do it yourself – we will tell you in our material.

What is “liquid hair”

This trendy hairstyle can be described as long, straight hair that shines so much it feels damp. Hence the name (liquid in English means “liquid”). The high gloss makes it look like you've just stepped out of the car.

Jennifer Lopez

Kim Kardashian

A few years ago, a similar trend was called “glass hair” – it was so smooth and shiny that it could reflect light almost as well as a mirror. Now, a similar trend in hairstyles is taking over the carpets and social media.

“Fluid hair” is long, perfectly straight and extremely shiny. It takes healthy, shiny hair to the next level, it reflects light and feels almost damp,

– says the famous hairdresser Ryan Richman.

Megan Fox

Reason for popularity

“Liquid hair” owes its popularity to celebrities who have already tried on a new fashion trend and demonstrated it on carpets. Megan Fox appeared with such styling at the iHeartRadio Awards, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez repeatedly showed her on Instagram.

Of course, like curtain bangs and modern shaggy, the runny hairstyle was also inspired by past fashion trends. Straight, sleek hair was one of the main trends of the 1970s, worn by style icons such as Cher, Jane Seymour and Eli McGraw.


Jane Seymour

Seasonality is another key factor.

This hairstyle is a refreshing transition from summer beach waves. The hairstyle looks more elegant and suitable for the fall wardrobe,

– says the famous hairdresser Anthony Cristiano.

Another reason for the popularity lies in the fact that such a hairstyle is easy to do on your own – it is not at all necessary to go to the salon.

Jennifer Lopez

Kim Kardashian

How to achieve the “liquid hair” effect yourself

To begin with, your hair should be well prepared, but you need to start by cutting split ends, so you still have to look at the hairdresser. If you want your hair to look alive and healthy, get rid of split ends on a regular basis, preferably at least twice a month.

If you have curly or frizzy hair, wash it with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Then you need to use an oil to smooth the hair, which will not only straighten it, but also additionally moisturize it.

Even if your hair is not capricious and style well, it is still better to use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Opt for hair serum instead of oil, as they are formulated with silicones to smooth and shine hair.

Dua Lipa

After that, the hair should be dried with a hairdryer. According to Fuat Celik, star stylist and hairdresser, you should use a narrow nozzle to keep your hair dry in one direction (in this case, straight down). Finish styling with an iron, straightening the hair in sections to create the smoothest texture possible.

Finally, enhance the shine with a non-greasy hair elixir or shine spray. To avoid grease, apply from the middle of your hair to the ends, never to the roots.

Jordan Dunn

“Liquid hair” on TikTok

The new beauty trend has gained great popularity on social networks. TikTok users post videos with the hashtag #liquidhair showing how they achieve this effect at home.


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