Ksenia Sobchak about a fatal road accident with her participation: “I can only help with connections”

Ksenia Sobchak about a fatal road accident with her participation:

Ksenia Sobchak

On the second day, the network is actively discussing the Sochi accident involving 39-year-old Ksenia Sobchak, as a result of which a woman died. Yesterday, the TV presenter commented on the accident and explained that the car she was driving and the driver were not hers. In addition, she said that she did not ask the driver to go faster, but she herself ended up with a concussion and bruises of internal organs.

Despite Sobchak's words, she was criticized, calling her almost the culprit of the accident and condemning her for leaving the scene of the accident and going to the airport. Later, a video appeared on the network in which the journalist enters the terminal building. It seemed to the public that Ksenia looks pretty good for a person who has just become a participant in a fatal accident.

In her telegram channel “Bloody Lady” she noted that they are trying to convict her of something that actually did not exist.

About the fakes associated with me. I will not even ask for decency in my address, I know that it is useless. I will not prove that I am not a camel to the gang of combiners from the apeshechka (presidential administration – approx. Ed.), Who decided to appoint me to the role of the new Efremov, I will not. The facts are: I am not in America, I am not flying anywhere. I am lying at home, during the day I was examined with an assistant, both had concussions.

A video from the airport, where I am cheerful and “no one is holding me”, was shown to me (for some reason, no one paid attention to the fact that I was holding my head and entered the wrong door), messages that we were driving in order to be in time , and a hand-written chronology too. Regarding the first question, I can say: God forbid you never get into such a situation and not test the strength of your head and the ability to hold on to yourself. Regarding the second – well, follow our path all the way in time, see how we sat there numbly calmly in **** from what we avoided, find some recordings of conversations on surveillance cameras about how we discussed what, it seems, all of them have just nearly died and we ought to have a glass of it. But this is not exactly what you want to convict me of, is it?

But the reality is that I had an accident, got injured, with a bruised head in **** I reached another car and drove home, after my director told me that doctors were coming to people. And I flew home to my family, because I am not a lifeguard and not a doctor, not a driver, I would not help there either with my hands or with advice. I can only help with connections and opportunities. And to stand on the road, interfere with people to work, save and trade a person, so that you later write “Sobchak stayed at the scene and ***** did not do” – this is unconstructive, this is delusional,

She explained.

Ksenia Sobchak about a fatal road accident with her participation:

Ksenia also said that the second girl injured in the accident, whose death was reported by the media yesterday, is actually alive, and the TV presenter keeps in touch with her family.

Now we were talking with Oksana's husband Sadovnik. She is alive, thank God, the reports that she is the second to die are a lie. The husband is furious with reports of her death and asks journalists to stop doing this to his family. As a condition – it is serious, she has a head injury, lungs, hip, her spleen was removed. But she, thank God, is alive. In the near future, her husband and I will resolve the issue of her further treatment in Moscow. Let's find doctors. He said several times that he has no complaints about me,

– added Xenia.

She also added that she is trying to get in touch with the relatives of the deceased girl.

We will help everyone, because our team and I have such an opportunity. Help people in grief, in which we have become involuntary participants. Because we, as it happened, survived. This is the reality

– Sobchak concluded.

Let's remind that the Mercedes car, on which the star was riding, drove into the oncoming lane during overtaking and collided with a Volkswagen car. As a result of the collision, a woman was killed. The driver and another Volkswagen passenger were seriously injured and hospitalized. The driver of the Mercedes car admitted his guilt in the accident.

Ksenia Sobchak about a fatal road accident with her participation:

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