If you keep forgiving him even though he doesn't change, read this

If you keep forgiving him even though he doesn't change, read this

There you are again, repeating the same old scenario and hoping that something will change.

Hoping that he will see your worth and treat you better.

Look into your soul and be honest with yourself himself – he will never change.

He doesn't want to change. He already thinks he's great, and on the days when he can't justify his own actions, he blames you for his behavior.

He blames you for everything because it's easier than admitting he's wrong.

It's easier to play the victim than to answer and face up to your actions.

It's easier than seeing what's wrong with his system and trying to fix it.

Sure, there are days when he swears he will change.

Those are usually the days when he fears he will lose the control he has over you forever.

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But once you forgive him, once he realizes that you will fall for his lies again, he will go back to his old ways.

He will keep hurting you as long as you allow him to do it.

< p>He will start disrespecting you again.

He will start again with not texting, not having time for you and not giving you the emotional support you so desperately need.

It will always be the same with him. The same scenario will keep repeating itself until you decide that enough is enough.

Stop making excuses for him. There is none. There is nothing in this world that can justify all the tears that have rolled down your face.

There is nothing that can make up for the lack of love and respect.

I know it breaks your heart that no matter how much you love him and how many times you tried to make things work, it was never enough.

But don't make yourself ready. It's not your fault.

There was nothing you could have done or said differently to change the end result; you just fell in love with the wrong person.

It's time you open your eyes and see this. You deserve a better life than this.

You deserve the happiness he never knew how to give. You deserve to be loved by someone who knows how to love.

He's not that man. The only person he loves is himself. He only cares about his needs, he only cares about his own interests.

He only cares about things that he can take from you because he has nothing to give.

Open your eyes and see what your life could be like without him.

You could get off this emotional roller coaster that makes you nauseous all the time.

You might finally find the inner peace that he took away from you.

< p>What you have with him or had with him, whatever you prefer, is not the love story of your life.

It's just a bad chapter you had to experience so you could grow from it.

So you could break, heal and never make the same mistake again.< /p>

He's not the one for you, he's just someone who had to teach you what love should never be like, what you should never settle for.

Confess to yourself yourself that you are satisfied with him. You settle for something that comes and goes, taking parts of you with it.

You settle for small stakes and fragments of love. You settle for a life without joy.

Don't be a short seller. Don't be afraid to be alone. Being single can be a blessing if you look at it right.

On the other hand, staying in a crappy relationship, constantly forgiving someone who is beyond forgiveness believing in a change that will never happen will only destroy you.

Save yourself from its toxic clutches. Stop forgiving him and ask for forgiveness instead because you stayed when deep down you knew you should go.

Let him go and hold on to yourself. Love yourself with every atom of your being.

Be a woman who has the courage to stand alone and build her own happiness.

You can do this, you can do it do it alone, he's only in your way.

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