“He was embarrassed and annoyed”: Prince William told how his son Prince George was engaged in garbage collection

Princes George and William

Prince William, 39, is actively working on conservation issues and is expressing great concern to the younger generation. During an interview with the BBC, the Duke of Cambridge said that his and Kate Middleton's eldest son, eight-year-old Prince George, already understands the dire state of our planet.

Prince William said that his son was cleaning the trash at the school, and this experience greatly puzzled him.

He was annoyed by the fact that after collecting the rubbish, the next day they went the same route at school and saw that the rubbish appeared there again. He tried to understand how and where he came from. He asked: “We've cleaned everything up? Why hasn't the garbage disappeared?”

– shared Prince William.

Prince William and Kate Middleton with children

The Duke of Cambridge added that if, 30 years later, his eldest son talks about what he is talking about now, it will be a real disaster.

By then it will be too late

Added William.

He also noted that he began to pay much more attention to the problem of preserving the environment when he became a father himself.

I want that what I enjoyed – life in the fresh air, nature – was available for mine and in general for all children,

– he concluded.

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