“He promised to love all his life”: new details of the scandal between Andrei Kurpatov and his alleged lover

Andrey Kurpatov

The story around the conflict between the famous psychotherapist Andrei Kurpatov and his ex-assistant Alexei Ievsky, whom Kurpatov accuses of fraud and theft of jewelry, acquires new details. The other day, Ievsky, who is in a pre-trial detention center, came out and talked about the affair with the boss, the parents of the young man also gave reporters screenshots of their son's personal correspondence with Kurpatov. Last night, two responded to the situation at once.

A close friend of Kurpatov, Nika Belotserkovskaya, defended him, denied rumors that he was gay, and stated that Ievsky was indeed a swindler, at the same time Kurpatov himself allegedly confirmed his intimate relationship with Ievsky. “Komsomolskaya Pravda” published a transcript of the recording of a conversation between Kurpatov and the father of his ex-assistant (journalists claim that they have a recording of this conversation, the quotes below are taken from this publication. Kurpatov has not yet commented on the situation through his official social networks. – Ed. ). Let's understand these events in order.

Yesterday Nika Belotserkovskaya hosted a live broadcast on her Instagram, during which she stated that Kurpatov was not gay, and the presented correspondence was fake for the sake of blackmail. Nika also added that Ievsky was hired out of pity, as he is sick. In addition, she noted that the young man had another lover.

He (Ievsky – Ed.) Has a serious sexually transmitted disease. We knew from the very beginning that he was a homosexual, we also knew his common-law husband. Together they then began to steal money, and in a very decent amount. He withdrew money to dummy accounts, stole almost a million dollars. And his father sensed that it was possible not to give away the property, and spreads vile fakes,

– said Nika during the broadcast.

Nika Belotserkovskaya

She called everything that happens “disgusting persecution in the disgusting social networks.” Belotserkovskaya, who also admitted that from the very beginning she was aware of the whole situation and even persuaded Kurpatov “not to endure this abomination”, defended her friend and denied rumors that he was gay.

Take my word for it. I know this for sure, since we have a long-standing romance. We'll get married if you want

– said Nika.

Recall that earlier Andrei Kurpatov would have been married to screenwriter Lilia Kim, from this marriage he has a daughter. Many of his books were devoted to the topic of relations between men and women, including the construction of a harmonious intimate life between partners. In total, Kurpatov wrote more than 100 scientific papers, as well as popular science books on psychotherapy, psychology, philosophy and methodology. One of his bestsellers is The Red Pill. In it, the author talks about research in the field of neurophysiology.

The story caused a public outcry and has been vigorously discussed on the Internet for several days. Recall that Kurpatov met Ievsky several years ago, when he was working as a flight attendant. After that, the young man got a job at Kurpatov's company. Several weeks ago, Kurpatov accused his ex-assistant of fraud and theft. Ievsky ended up in jail, where he made a statement about the affair with his former boss, as well as that they broke up after Kurpatov's betrayal.

Alexey Ievsky

An article with a transcript of a conversation between Konstantin Ievsky (Alexei's father) and Andrei Kurpatov appeared on the Komsomolskaya Pravda website yesterday evening. During this conversation, the psychotherapist allegedly confirmed that he had a relationship with Alexei, but he eventually deceived him.

He promised that he would love me all his life and take care of me. After these promises, it turned out that he was cheating on me for a long time, almost a year. I didn’t know that Lesha arranged everything for himself, including the car, the suburban area and a room in a communal apartment. One day he himself admitted this to me. He even showed his fresh will, where it was written that in the event of his death, everything would go to me. I believed it, good-natured fool …

– such words of Kurpatova are quoted by “KP”.

Andrey Kurpatov and Alexey Ievsky

It also follows from this conversation that Kurpatov was not even invited to Ievsky's birthday, in whose honor the latter allegedly received expensive earrings, of which he is now accused of stealing. In addition, Kurpatov hinted that Alexei was using drugs. The psychotherapist also said that Ievsky was withdrawing money together with his lover – the same version was voiced on her air by Nika Belotserkovskaya. Kurpatov also said that his former assistant had threatened him.

A person took advantage of my trust, then trampled him down, became friends with another person and systematically robbed me and withdrawn money through him. He knew that I value my reputation, and hoped that he would not apply for fear of publicity. I don’t feel safe even now. Lesha threatened me with all possible means, even during interrogation,

– quotes Kurpatov “KP”.

The article also contains information that Kurpatov suggested Ievsky admit his guilt and thus resolve the conflict:

Let him admit guilt according to the established business, and rewrite the room and the land plot back to me. I will act as a person to whom everything was returned, and he will be given a short suspended sentence. I am not even asking to return all the money withdrawn from the company, let him just admit guilt.

However, for the time being, neither side seems willing to concede in this situation. Ievsky refuses to admit his guilt and is still in the pre-trial detention center – his appeal was rejected, and he will be in the pre-trial detention center until November 28. Recall that Alexei Ievsky is accused of fraud, as a result of which a Porsche car worth 9.3 million rubles was issued to him. The investigation also intends to charge him with embezzling expensive watches, earrings, as well as Kurpatov's real estate. A young person could face up to 10 years in prison.

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