Dozens of graduates of a Moscow art school accused the teacher of sexual assault. UK does not initiate a case

Dozens of graduates of a Moscow art school accused the teacher of sexual assault. UK does not initiate a case

Moscow Central Art School

The Village has conducted an investigation into the systematic and long-term sexual violence at the Moscow Central Art School (formerly the Moscow Art Lyceum) at the Russian Academy of Arts, which is located on Krymsky Val. The journalists published excerpts from the letters of the graduates of the educational institution, which are replete with “colorful” details of what happened. In them, the girls said that in different years, while still minors, they became victims of sexual harassment and bullying by their former painting teacher Pavel Elizarov.

This summer, former school students sent their letters to the police. The media learned about the incident only now. Girls who studied at school in different years shared similar stories: they told that they were regularly publicly subjected to physical harassment and psychological abuse (Elizarov, who jokingly called himself a “pedophile teacher” , ridiculed appearance). They also stated that Elizarov had sexual relations with underage students.

Dozens of graduates of a Moscow art school accused the teacher of sexual assault. UK does not initiate a case

Victor Elizarov

He insulted students publicly in the presence of other schoolgirls and schoolchildren, touched them for their private parts and other parts of the body. At the same time, the girls claim that the teacher's colleagues knew about what was happening, but were silent – probably, they were afraid of publicity and a blow to the reputation of the institution. His wife, who also taught in college, knew about her husband's harassment of children. Other teachers guessed, but pretended that nothing was happening.

In total, at least 15 victims of Elizarov are known – these are the graduates who publicly spoke about the violence they experienced. It is possible that in fact there were much more of them. Former schoolgirls admitted that then they did not fully realize the whole essence of what was happening and, only having matured, decided on a frank confession. Many of them required the help of a psychotherapist.

The Investigative Committee is in no hurry to initiate a case against Elizarov, constantly postponing the deadlines. In the educational institution, the teacher was suspended from work, but not fired. Nothing is known about his whereabouts now.

This is not the first such case in recent years. The expert “What? Where? When” Mikhail Skipsky and other members of the elite club were accused of harassment against schoolgirls, his students announced harassment at Moscow State University.

The case in the Moscow school for gifted children “League of Schools”, in which for two decades the teachers have corrupted the students, also received a great response. School graduates said that the teachers invited them to the bathhouse under the pretext of conducting extra classes, harassed them in the educational institution and entered into sexual relations with them. After this information was made public, the school's management was forced to resign, and the school itself was reorganized.

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