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Stay single until you find someone who ACTUALLY cares about you
Stay single to learn to love yourself. To love someone, you must first learn to love yourself. You must respect yourself and never doubt your decisions.
45 Things Only Real Men Do
1. A real man never disrespects his wife. 2. He would never manipulate his lady into doing things he wants that she doesn't really want.
I hate that no matter what I did, it was never enough
My brain has been working overtime lately. I can't sleep with all the commotion up there. In my head I go through our every moment and analyze every
Don't get involved with a boy who isn't ready to be a man
You were always someone who followed your heart, especially when it came to love and romantic relationships. Even when your mind was telling you something
Fuck you for making me feel like I wasn't enough
I don't think I was ready to admit what you did to me. That I was willing to admit that you stripped me of all my strengths and values.
That's why you lost her
< /p> You haven't thought things through. You were careless. You foolishly took her for granted. She- the best thing you ever had. You made her feel left out.