What is a relationship? 10 steps to relationship happiness!
Every person in the world longs for a harmonious relationship. Watching the romantic comedies makes you wonder if you'll ever fall in love like this.
Unrequited love – A breakup without a relationship
You finally met the man of your dreams. He is an incredibly handsome, intelligent man with a good sense of humor. You are head over heels in love.
Why don't I have a boyfriend? We put an end to the brooding!
I went to a cousin's wedding a few weeks ago. It was really beautiful, everything was so romantic and the two lovebirds looked like they were out of
New relationship after separation: when is the right time?
Unfortunately, we split up. You couldn't guess, because you were on cloud nine the whole time. It's been a long time since you felt so balanced
Ouch! I'm in love with my best friend!
One often watches romantic comedies in which best friends fall madly in love with each other. It looks so cliche that you'd think it would never happen
We answer the question: What is important in a relationship?
Finding the right person to spend our life with is not easy. Although you can meet interesting men anywhere, a lot has to fit together for an acquaintance
Non-binding phase: A man falls in love a little differently!
It all started like a dream. You weren't even aware of it, but you were hit by Cupid's arrow. You couldn't believe it. He. Of all the men, he'
Sapiosexual: Intelligence is the new sexy!
These days you hear the different sexual terms almost every day and everyone is more or less familiar with the sexual orientations like heterosexual, homosexual
Last minute panic: Not every closed door is a bad thing
In our 20's and 30's we are programmed to strive for success and build careers. At this age we are often so busy with education, trying different
No more excuses! If he cared about you, he would show it
Have you ever hoped that someone would eventually change, even though you knew deep down that something like this would probably never happen?