Tina Kunaki is on vacation in Spain with her younger brother and publishes a photo in a bikini
Tina Kunaki To see off the summer, 24-year-old Tina Kunaki flew to Ibiza. The model went to rest not alone, but together with her younger brother, 21-year-old Zachary.
Salma Hayek celebrated 55 years on a tropical island: “Looking forward to new adventures”
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Salma Hayek revealed the secret of her bikini shots: “They are all last year!”
Salma Hayek Pictures in swimsuits appear on the Instagram of 55-year-old Salma Hayek with such frequency that it may seem that she simply does not get
Reboot: Naomi Campbell rested at a health resort with her daughter
Naomi Campbell The summer has not yet ended, and many are already thinking only about how to return it as soon as possible. In this case, of course, memories