Cindy Crawford resting in Mexico
Cindy Crawford At the end of the year, Cindy Crawford decided to go on a well-deserved vacation and, together with her family, her husband Randy Gerber
Battle of make-ups: Nastya Kamensky vs. Vanessa Hudgens
Nastya Kamenskikh/Vanessa Hudgens The last battle of make-ups this year simply must be bright. Today the Russian singer Nastya Kamenskikh and the American
Manicurist Battle: Lizzo vs. Megan Thee Stallion
Lizzo/Megan Thee Stallion Happy New Year & mdash; with a festive manicure, which is being demonstrated today by American rap singers Lizzo and Megan Thee Stallion.
Battle of make-ups: Victoria Shelyagova vs. Olga Karput
Victoria Shelyagova/Olga Karput The first battle of make-ups this year will be opened by Victoria Shelyagova and Olga Karput. What unites them in the choice
10 most effective exercises to help stars stay in shape
Adele There are many stars among the stars who visit gym. Some of them are real sportsaholics (like, for example, Jennifer Lopez), others do it solely
Manicurist Battle: Elsa Hosk vs. Blake Lively
Elsa Hosk's manicure/Blake Lively's manicure In dreams of warmth and sun, today we offer to compare options for summer manicure, especially since
Nastya Ivleeva is resting in Mexico with her mother and Eldar Dzharakhov, and Eljey comments on her posts
Nastya Ivleeva and Eldar Dzharakhov On New Year's holidays, domestic celebrities left the capital: someone went to the snowy Courchevel slopes, but
From the beaches of the Maldives to the ski slopes of Courchevel: where and how the stars spent the New Year holidays
Victoria Shelyagova Christmas and New Year holidays are traditionally spent by many stars away from home. Who rests where in early January, see our selection.
Battle of make-ups: Nastya Ivleeva vs. Billy Porter
Today, in our battle, we suggest choosing a star make-up – the brightest, boldest, extravagant, or just the one that you like best.
Transgender actor Elliot Page shares new topless photo
Elliot Page Actor Elliot Page, 34, formerly known as Ellen Page, continues to talk about his transgender transition. Yesterday, he posted a new topless