The winner of the Miss Universe 2021 contest is the representative of India Harnaz Sandhu
Harnaz Sandhu On December 12, the annual Miss Universe contest was held in Eilat “. Its winner this year is 21-year-old Indian Harnaz Sandhu.
Makeup Battle: Nicole Scherzinger vs. Eva Longoria
Nicole Scherzinger/Eva Longoria Both 43-year-old Nicole Scherzinger and 46-year-old Eva Longoria were guests of the annual gala on Tuesday evenings of
Battle of manicures: Sophia Tayurskaya versus Rita Ora
Sofya Tayurskaya/Rita Ora 30-year-old vocalist of the Little Big group Sophia Tayurskaya and 31-year-old singer Rita Ora are united by more than one kind
The ex-wife of Ilya Prusikin, Ira Bold, starred for the cover of Playboy
Ira Bold Singer Ira Bold, known as Tatarka, ex-wife of the lead singer of the Little Big group Ilya Prusikina, starred for the cover of Playboy magazine.
Battle of make-ups: Masha Tsigal vs. Suzanne Varnina
Masha Tsigal/Suzanne Varnina On the nose & mdash; the main night of the year. Have you already invented a beauty look for your New Year'
Manicurist Battle: Madonna vs. Gwen Stefani
Madonna/Gwen Stefani How about completely different manicures & mdash; both in form and in content? Madonna with short nails and a pattern from the
Off-duty: Julia Roberts on the beach in Australia
Julia Roberts 54-year-old Julia Roberts spent Christmas holidays away from home with her family. The actress has been in Australia for several months now
Off-duty: Tina Kunaki relaxing on the beach in Brazil
Tina Kunaki 24-year-old Tina Kunaki and 55-year-old Vincent Cassel with their daughter Amazoni on during the Christmas holidays, they returned to their
Pregnant Ashley Graham starred nude
Ashley Graham 34-year-old famous plus-size model Ashley Graham, who will soon have & nbsp; twins, posed nude in a new photo shoot. < p> One of the
Jada Pinkett-Smith spoke about the fight against baldness: “Now I can only laugh at it”
Jada Pinkett-Smith Some time ago, Jada Pinkett-Smith began to go bald rapidly & mdash; due to an autoimmune disease. The star lost a significant part