“Angel” Victoria's Secret Jasmine Tooks got married: dress in the style of Grace Kelly and other details of the celebration

Juan David Borrero and Jasmine Tux

Celebrity wedding season is picking up steam! Just yesterday the star of “Emily in Paris” Lily Collins announced her wedding, and today the model and “angel” of Victoria's Secret, 30-year-old Jasmine Tooks, shared pictures in a wedding dress.

On September 4, in Ecuador, she married her longtime boyfriend, 31-year-old Juan David Borrero, who is Snapchat's director of international markets. The ceremony took place in a Catholic church in the center of Quito.

Jasmine Tux and Juan David Borrero

Everything is covered in gold, and it seems that you are attending a royal wedding,

– shared the bride.

Jasmine and Juan met in 2016 thanks to their work. The company wanted to hire Tux and several other models to promote the app's new feature.

We all ended up in Los Angeles for a fashion show, so I went to lunch with Juan and a couple of other Snapchat employees. That same evening, Juan invited me to a birthday party. There was a natural attraction to each other from the very beginning. We've been in touch since that evening, but the rest is history,

– recalled Jasmine.

The lovers arranged a luxurious wedding, but hardly anything could overshadow the bride! Down the aisle, the model wore a Zuhair Murad outfit, which consisted of a lace-fitting dress, a fluffy removable skirt and a 4.5-meter veil. Complementing the outfit were Ritani earrings and bespoke Sarah Flint shoes. Juan was wearing an Armani tuxedo.

We both wanted our outfits to be more classic and traditional,

– noted Tux.

Jasmine was delighted with her image of the bride and shared a large number of photos and videos not only from the celebration itself, but also from fittings.

This is a real work of art

– noted Jasmine.

The model's inspiration for the design of the outfit was Grace Kelly, whose wedding dress is one of the most iconic in history. During the wedding photo shoot, Jasmine even took a black and white photo, similar to one of Kelly's wedding shots.

Grace Kelly

Jasmine Tux

The bride was led to the altar by her grandfather, but during the taking of the oaths, Tux, of course, could not hold back her tears.

I still cannot believe that I am living with you in a fairy tale in reality, Juan! I'm officially Mrs. Borrero

– the model wrote on Instagram.

Jasmine Tux with grandfather

Jasmine Tux and Juan David Borrero

After the ceremony, everyone went to a party in the suburbs, where guests were awaited by two large bars, a giant dance floor and delicious food served by the best Ecuadorian chef Alejandro Chamorro.

The couple celebrated their engagement last year. Then the groom tried to make this moment be remembered by his chosen one. Juan invited Jasmine on a secret trip without revealing the entire route. When they landed in Utah and arrived at the hotel, the photographer hired to capture the moment disguised himself as a hotel employee and advised the couple to go to the observation deck.

When we went up there, I looked at the ground, and it was written: “Will you marry me?” I was completely shocked. It was the sweetest and most thoughtful offer I could imagine,

– Tux recalled.

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