11 signs you're stuck in an unhealthy rebound relationship

11 Signs You're Into an Unhealthy Rebound Relationship

There are no truly healthy rebound relationships, but some of them have the ability to turn into one into a real relationship or friendship.

Unfortunately, the odds aren't always in your favor, so if you suspect you're just a rebound girl, you can look for these signs in your relationship.

1. Your relationship is developing too fast

When people enter into a rebound relationship, their pain goes away and they forget how hurt they are.

But once they're all alone, the pain and memories come back, forcing them to spend more time with it you to forget your ex.

A relationship like this doesn't come naturally, instead you jump into something and wonder what all the rush is about.< /p>

2. The intimacy is through the roof

You can't keep your hands off each other, but you can't talk about the serious elements of your relationship either.

Rebound relationships tend to be characterized by tons of sex, which can be a distraction is what's really going on.

If you're in a relationship like this where you're very committed to your boyfriend, but you don't know how the relationship works, you might as Pin rebound.

3. He introduces you – often

Whether he introduces you to his friends or his exes, there's a reason he does it.

It is one thing to be proud of having an amazing girlfriend, but if he only shows you off for your looks and not your personality, he might just be using you as a trophy.< /p>

4. You notice the shocked looks on his friends

If you noticed shocked and surprised looks on their friends' faces, but your friend didn't do anything about it, that could be a serious sign that something is wrong.

You should actually find out that his friends know about his new girlfriend and support him, but instead you feel their dislike and shock.

5. His love is ”hot ‘n cold”

His obsession suddenly turns into cold distance. He seems way more dramatic than any boyfriend you've had before him, and you don't understand why.

You're stuck in a relationship with a guy who's still not sure what he is because his ex is still stuck in his head.

6. He has mood swings

This is totally normal when you think about it. He has moved on, trying to ignore the fact that he was hurt and pretending to be a tough guy.

He's happy with you, but for the moment you're leaving , depression sets in and he is confused and confronted with feelings he doesn't want to admit.
Such conflicting emotions are difficult to deal with, resulting in intense mood swings.

7. You feel like he doesn’t take you seriously

Whenever you want to discuss some serious issues, he changes the subject or turns his attention to something else.

Whenever you want to take things to a new level, like him yours Introducing friends gives him an excuse why he can't.

He's only using you to fill the void left by his ex and to pass the time, whether consciously or not not.

8. He refuses to talk about his ex

He acts weird when he talks about his ex, pretending that she never existed and that their breakup was nothing but a game.

When his friends mention his ex, he changes the subject, not because he cares about your feelings, but because his wounds are still fresh .

This sign is most obvious if he ended a relationship about a month ago.

9. He calls you when he's lonely but neglects you when he's happy

A clear sign of a rebound relationship is when he only calls you when he's sad and needs your attention.

Hurt people tend to get into rebound relationships because they need someone's attention, which is a quick possibility is to heal fresh wounds.

If you find that your partner only shares the bad things with you but the good things with everyone but you, then maybe it's time to leave them.

10. He shows intense emotions when he sees his ex or someone mentions him

He either becomes aggressive, or immediately happy, or feels down. But the most important part is that his emotions are intense, be it anger, false happiness or sadness.

He's still not over his ex and the mention of her name still hurts him.

Seeing her happy is even worse for him than then he tries to level up by showcasing you and his fake happiness.

But the moment she walks by, he's really depressed.

11. You two have nothing in common

This sign is pretty obvious. He has never decided to date you because of your mutual interests; You have one thing he needs and unfortunately that is your body.

In the beginning it's all well and good devouring each other and experiencing things in a way that you never knew you could.

But once that wears off, you need to get to know your partner.

For your own good, you should find a way leaving such a relationship before feelings arise and it becomes toxic to you.

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