100 unique date ideas for the whole year

100 unique date ideas for ;rs whole year

The dating phase is always exciting, but it is often accompanied by the question of what to do together, because everyone wants their date to be memorable and special will.

You made an appointment to meet up, but don't know what to do or where to go and you are now looking for a perfect date idea?

Don't worry, you've come to the right place! Because here you will find the 100 best date ideas that are suitable for every situation: date ideas for every budget, every type, for the right season and for every occasion!

From outdoor to indoor activities – you'll find everything you need here!

Whether it's your first date or you've already met, it's important that you feel comfortable and have fun together; because the direction of your relationship could depend on it.

A little tip: While planning the date, you might want to consider any interests your crush may have already mentioned, as this can help you surprise them and show that you're paying attention are.

Maybe he has already told you what his favorite food is or what his favorite restaurant is, what he likes to do in his free time, what his favorite films, series or books are, whether he is interested in r is interested in sports or culture, what he would like to try, what his perfect day would be like, etc.

All of this can be useful for you to plan a great date and enchant him. As a little help with your planning, I have put together the 100 best date ideas for you here, so that your date will be unique:

The classics< /p>

1. Restaurant

If you don’t want to risk anything, you can always offer the good old classic: a date at the restaurant. A well-known saying goes: “Love goes through the stomach.”

Candles, a good meal and a glass of wine make for a romantic evening and a pleasant feeling.

It's also a great opportunity for you to get to know each other better, lively conversations leads and find out if you are a good match.

2. Café

The date at Café can also be very pleasant. A cup of coffee or hot chocolate, a relaxed atmosphere and interesting topics to talk about – that's always a good idea!

3. Cinema

Going to the cinema on a first date is usually a no-go, because you can't really get to know each other there or talk, which should actually be the goal of the date, but some people can find the darkness and physical closeness they have there beneficial because it creates an intimate situation that leads to physical contact.

If you can handle that, that's a good idea. Also, one of the perks is that after the movie you have a topic to talk about over a drink at the bar. If not, then it can be a great idea for a fourth date if you're dating have met better. 

But if you're still looking for something creative and exciting, here are the top 100 date ideas to help you plan your next date.< /p>

Date ideas for spring and summer

Suggestions for good weather

Nice weather is always a good opportunity to get outside and have fun. to have.

If you have a date and the sun is shining outside, then it's time for you to get moving and organize something exciting for you and your crush.

The following 55 ideas cover a variety of outdoor activities, sport activities and romantic date night ideas that you can do together during spring and summer.

You can:

1. Have a picnic – drive to the woods or a nice park and bring food. Coffee, cake, rolls, fruit, beer or wine – sounds great!

2. Go for a bike ride &nd; you can also have a good chat and explore the area together. Sounds like a lot of fun!

3. Take a walk on the beach, in the woods or in the moonlight – a romantic atmosphere and a chance to talk and get to know each other better.

4. Watch the sunrise or sunset &nd; how romantic!

5. Going out for a drink together in a bar &nd; preferably on a terrace where you have a view of the skyline.

6. Go to a football, basketball or handball game – especially if you support the same team.

7. Playing Mini Golf – a popular date idea for spring because it's not that warm yet and it's great for playing and getting to know each other.

8. Browsing a flea market – strolling very relaxed through a flea market to discover new extraordinary pieces together.

9. Play badminton, beach volleyball, table tennis or frisbee in the park – either in teams or against each other, such games and activities are always fun.

10. Host a Modern Scavenger Hunt – the so-called geocaching – Quickly find the secret hiding place using the GPS receiver and the matching coordinates!

11. going to the drive-in cinema – you can take snacks and drinks with you and enjoy the movie.

12. Take a tour in your own city – sure there are nice places to visit in your own city and discover something new.

13. Or take a short trip to another city, for example over the weekend.

14. Take a hot air balloon ride – if there is something like that in your city, it's a great experience to have together.

15. Take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage – like out of a fairy tale!

16. Make a campfire in the garden &nd; with warm blankets and marshmallows it will be just like camping.

17. Picking strawberries or cherries outdoors – you can often eat fruit on the spot and then only pay for what you take home with you. Yummy!

18. meet you in a beer garden &nd; a glass of beer will ensure that everyday stress melts away and you both relax.

19. ride a roller coaster – a little adrenaline won't hurt anyone!

20. meeting you for brunch at the weekend – or make your own little brunch in the park or by the lake.

21. Going to an outdoor concert or festival – listening to good music and dancing in the open air is always a good idea.

22. Go on a mountain hike &nd; during the summer you can also cool off at a mountain lake. Plus, the view from the top of the mountain will be worth the effort.

23. Throwing a BBQ party at home or at designated BBQ spots around town – whether it's just the two of you or your friends, it's sure to be fun because you can never go wrong with the food.

24. visit a zoo – There is so much to see at the zoo and it certainly won't be boring.

25. Go Fishing Together – sitting quietly next to each other by the water, in the middle of nature, has a relaxing effect and you can get closer to each other undisturbed. Maybe you'll catch something and prepare a dish right away!

26. Street Food Festival – an opportunity to try different culinary works together and enjoy different dishes.

27. Watching the Stars – take a blanket and lay under the clear starry sky and watch the stars – super romantic!

28. Watch a fireworks display &nd; magical fireworks in the night sky add to the romance!

29. Going to a beach club – the sand between your feet is a great feeling and with the cocktails and some music it will be even better.

30. take a trip to the beach &nd; swim, sunbathe and tan and the day is perfect. The sand, the waves and the warming sun are the best combination for relaxation.

31. Eat an ice cream together &nd; very tasty and refreshing!

32. Go sailing, kayaking or stand up paddling – you can also invite your friends as there are so many ways to have fun together on the water; available!

33. go rock climbing – if you both love sports and adrenaline, this is a great activity for you because you can find out if you work well as a team.

34. play paintball – Color, Friends, Adrenaline, Funß – what else could you wish for?

35. Go horseback riding – take a horseback riding lesson together. You can also chat and who knows, maybe even find a new hobby.

Suggestions in case of bad weather

It's raining and it's very heavy outside cold but don't panic, your date won't be ruined.

Here is a list of indoor activities you can do with your crush and maybe you'll have more fun. than you think.

You can:

1. Go bowling – show what you can do and throw a strike!

2. play darts or billiards – you can also make a contest where the loser gets the next beer! Do your best!

3. going to a concert – if you know your date’s favorite singer or band, you can even surprise them with tickets.

4. Go to the karaoke bar – maybe you both have hidden talents that you can discover together or at least laugh about.

5. attend a dance class &nd; while dancing there is physical contact and you can feel the energy between you and the music creates a fiery atmosphere.

6. Attend a cooking class &nd; you can learn to cook together and prepare new dishes. You can also show off your newly acquired culinary skills on your next date!

7. Go to the Planetarium – if it's not possible outside, you can also observe the starry sky in the planetarium.

8. Go to a theatre, musical, ballet or art exhibition – it's always good to try something new, especially if you're interested in culture or art.

9. going to the museum – together you can discover the most beautiful works of art.

10. Watch the movies at home – enjoy the evening from the comfort of your own home.

11. Baking cakes or cookies – an opportunity to show off your culinary skills and brighten the day.

12. Play Games- Cards, Jenga, Monopoly, Game of Life or Ludo. Awaken your competitive spirit!

13. go-karting – put on your helmet and race against each other, it will be a lot of fun for sure.

14. indoor climbing – a substitute for outdoor climbing.

15. Play laser tag – how exciting!

16. going to a disco or a party – dances late into the night!

17. visit the circus – the clowns, the aerialists, the jugglers and the animals are breathtaking and I am sure you will enjoy it.

18. go to the pool – you can relax in the jacuzzi or swim together. At the end of the day you can also eat something tasty.

19. Spending a wellness day or weekend at the spa – with massage and sauna you will feel like new!

20. go shopping – if you have no other idea, you can go shopping and choose clothes for each other!

Date ideas for fall and winter

There are also nice days in autumn and winter and lots of ideas for you and your date!

Suggestions attached good weather in autumn

You can:

1. Go for a walk – the autumn sun and the beautiful colors are just great for a long walk.

2. Going to a Halloween Party – dressing up is always fun. You can also choose a couple costume (or carnival couple costume) to attract attention.

3. Doing a pub crawl together – Having a drink in different pubs, meeting new people and experiencing exciting things together sounds great!

4. collecting chestnuts – a true autumn activity!

5. Pick apples – The most popular fruit in autumn are apples. It smells like fresh apple pie!

6. Enjoy the view from the roofs – you can climb on the roofs of the skyscrapers and enjoy the view over the city.

7. Taking cute fall photos – the colors of autumn can make for the most beautiful photos. Take a photo shoot and create great memories!

8. Take a trip on roller skates – a date in the fresh air and lots of funß is always a great idea!

9. walking a dog – if one of you has a dog, you can meet up and walk the dog.

10. Visit a wine tasting or winery – Tasting wine and chatting seems like a perfect date.

11. Go to the Oktoberfest – it is celebrated in almost every city. You don’t have to live in the immediate vicinity of Munich or Stuttgart to enjoy beer, pretzels and white sausage.

12. flying kites – flying a kite together is great fun!

Suggestions for bad weather in autumn

You can:

1. Carve a pumpkin together – you can carve funny faces and end up making a pumpkin pie or pumpkin soup to keep you warm.

2. Assembling a Puzzle – totally relaxing when the weather is bad and you can have great conversations.

3. Go to the bookstore – you can choose your favorite books and the other one has to read it. So you have new topics for the next date.

4. Going to the poetry slam together – a modern way: here there is culture and humor and you can also eat and drink something delicious.

5. PS4, Nintendo Switch & play co – be childish: challenge yourself and let the better one win!

6. Visit a casino and have fun have – but be careful not to spend too much money! And who knows? yeah, maybe you'll win something!

7. Ask questions you need to answer right away – so you can find out a lot about each other. Be careful not to fall into the trap!

8. Play Twister – you have to place your hands and feet randomly on colored dots on a playing field and this creates quick physical contact.

9. Try Crime Dinner – A murder case suddenly occurs and together with the other guests you have to solve a spectacular murder and confront the murderer. Have a great date!

10. Or maybe Dinner in the Dark – it's something special: the food is served in a completely dark room so you only focus on your taste buds, how exciting!

11. Going to Mass for Two – there are so many fairs on an exciting topic (book fair, music fair, leisure fair, etc.) You can find out and learn something new and have fun at the same time; have.

Suggestions for good weather in winter

Winter has so much to offer!

< strong>You can:

1. skating – Show what you can! Don't worry, if you accidentally fall, at least you'll have a good laugh!

2. sledding – either together or a race between you. The loser gives out a hot cocoa.

3. Go for a walk – a walk is a good idea at any time of the year and in winter it's wonderful too: the sun is shining and everything is covered with snow – gorgeous!

4. Go to the Christmas Market – you can stroll around the stalls and have a mulled wine or hot chocolate.

5. skiing – a perfect winter activity! Surely you will have a lot of funß have!

6. Build a snowman – everyone just loves it! You can also give it a name and take photos with it.

7. have a snowball fight &nd; if the snow is not suitable for building a snowman, you can have a snowball fight – childish, exciting and funny!

 Suggestions for bad weather in winter

You can:

1. go for tea – what's better than a cup of tea and biscuits on a cold winter's day?!

2. Watch Ice Hockey Game – find the best spots and enjoy this dynamic winter sport!

3. visit the aquarium or tropical house – discover new animal species together and chat about them.

4. go bouldering – an indoor sporting activity that you can discover together.

5. Watch The Nutcracker Ballet – the Christmas ballet is perfect for the winter season.

6. Drawing each other – no matter if you can draw or not, it will be interesting and at least you can laugh when the drawing gets bad!

7. do a series marathon &nd; you both have some series on the list that you haven't watched yet? What are you waiting for?! A few tasty snacks and drinks and the evening is perfect.

8. Organize Bad Movies Night – if there are no series you can watch together, pick the worst movies and laugh!

9. Observe Snow – just grab a cup of hot coffee or tea and sit by a window. The snow has a magical and calming effect!

10. Create something together &nd; Pictures, pots or whatever you find interesting. You can show your creativity and chat with each other at the same time.

11. or make an advent calendar together for your loved ones – this is how you find out who are the most important people in his life.

12. putting up a Christmas tree – you can set it up together in the apartment and decorate it.

A few tips for you:

• Don't reveal everything and keep the excitement. Just give enough information for your date to prepare.

? If you're still in the getting-to-know-you phase, don't plan a long get-together, such as going somewhere on the weekend. When the date doesn’t go as planned, it’s always better to pick somewhere where you can just go home without embarrassment.

• Show your creativity by combining the short date ideas into one big date. It never gets boring.

• The activity should provide enough conversation that you can have a more casual conversation.

? Turn off your phone! Constantly looking at the smartphone shows the other person that he is not interesting.

• Be who you are and don't pretend, no matter what place and activity you choose for the first date. In the end it will show if you’re good for each other and if it doesn’t work this time, it will be better next time.

• Also, be careful on the first date if you haven't met him yet or if it's a blind date. You should rather play it safe and choose a neutral place for the first date. You don’t want to hike in the park alone with a stranger at night. The romantic walk in the moonlight sounds better for the second date.

Hopefully you've found something that suits you on this list and will help you plan the perfect date.

Remember: where you are and what you do doesn't matter as long as you are together and enjoying your time together.


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