10 new fragrances for autumn

10 new fragrances for autumn

Natalie Portman in Miss Dior commercial

We tell you about the autumn perfumery novelties, which are worth paying attention to.

New version of Miss Dior fragrance

The renewed Miss Dior is another ode to flowers, on which the permanent Dior perfumer François Demachy worked. In the new fragrance by his authorship, the notes have become even brighter and more playful. However, the main note in the composition is still the rose. The inspiration for the creation of a new version of the perfume, as Demachy admits, was a new unknown variety of roses from the garden of Carole Biancalana, called Sweet Love:

A rose with such a suitable name for her was a discovery for me. At first I was struck by her beauty, velvety, iridescent pearl pink petals. Then I was surprised by her scent. What a spirit, what an enveloping and violent force with its unexpected, lively, fruity-sweet notes. I wanted to collect a flower arrangement and thus get a bouquet that is both bright and elegant, sensual and weightless.

The composition also includes noble iris and sensual peony, which set off the signature note, adding freshness and tenderness to the perfume.

10 new fragrances for autumn

Miss Dior fragrance, 100 ml – 13 550 rubles.

Miss Dior is an iconic perfume that was launched back in 1947, but today it remains one of the most popular fragrances of the fashion house.

The face of the updated version of Miss Dior is Natalie Portman – the actress has been presenting this sensual fragrance for several years.

Dior's new interpretation of vanilla

Another new perfume from Dior is Vanilla Diorama, which was inspired by Christian Dior's favorite dessert, Diorama Gourmand from the Parisian restaurant Maxim's. However, to date, neither the recipe nor the appearance of this dish is known, so he worked on the aroma of François Demachy, starting only from its name and a short description of “vanilla ice cream, juicy orange and a little bitter chocolate”.

So, the main note of the composition is Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar – one of the rarest and most precious ingredients in high perfumery. The intensity of vanilla is accentuated by fresh citrus notes and a denser chocolate base.

Vanilla clearly appeals to taste sensations and is associated by most people with receiving the desired pleasure. In Vanilla Diorama, I tried to put the same ability to evoke the sensation of pleasure,

– says Demachy, who, without a doubt, managed to achieve his plan.

10 new fragrances for autumn

Vanilla Diorama aroma, 40 ml – 8 820 rubles.

Nina Extra Rouge by Nina Ricci

Inspired by the success of Nina Rouge in 2019, this year the Nina Ricci brand presented an even more seductive and vibrant fragrance, Nina Extra Rouge – for the first time in an eau de parfum concentration.

The creators of the composition offer an even greater portion of pleasure: the aroma opens with a green note of black currant, which emphasizes the fresh sourness of raspberries and the invigorating energy of bittersweet grapefruit. Floral notes are responsible for the delicate sound in the perfume: rose buds are combined with slightly spicy notes of tea, and in the end vanilla and praline enter this sensual game.

10 new fragrances for autumn

Nina Extra Rouge aroma, 80 ml – 7 800 rubles.

And, of course, the famous apple-shaped bottle of the fragrance deserves special attention. This time he, including the cap, is dressed in deep red velvet.

The face of Nina Extra Rouge is the Dutch model Estella Boersma.

10 new fragrances for autumn

Two novelties in the perfume collection The Liquors by Kilian Paris

The new Kilian Paris cocktail fragrances were inspired by the atmosphere of New York and Paris and celebrate the freedom and energy of nightlife.

Apple Brandy On The Rocks is a new version of the fragrance that was introduced eight years ago. The perfume is reminiscent of the chilled apple liqueur that is popular in America. The composition is complemented by notes of pineapple, bergamot and cardamom, which are intertwined with notes of moss, vanilla, cedar and ambroxan.

10 new fragrances for autumn

Apple Brandy On The Rocks fragrance, 50 ml – 21,000 rubles.

L'Heure Verte is a perfume composition built around the notes of patchouli and opening with the scent of absinthe essence. Add notes of violet leaves with licorice root absolute, vetiver and sandalwood to this cocktail – already feeling the unique Parisian spirit with its illusions, stormy nights and temptations?

Aromas, by the way, will appeal to both women and men.

10 new fragrances for autumn

Aroma L'Heure Verte, 50 ml – 21,000 rubles.

New fragrance in the Signature collection from Tom Ford

Ombre Leather is an updated version of a familiar scent. The exclusive notes of the original composition sound even brighter, sending you on an exciting journey through the Wild West.

Most of the fragrances I create are directly related to the moments of my life. In Ombre Leather, every note reminds me of my childhood in the American West. The new perfume awakens the unbridled, wild sensuality of the original composition, taking its sound to a new level,

– says Tom Ford.

The aroma opens with spicy notes of cardamom and saffron. They are replaced by a floral composition of ylang-ylang, Egyptian jasmine and tuberose flowers, which are contrasted with rich accords of black leather and wood, while notes of violet root pulsate against their background.

10 new fragrances for autumn

Ombre Leather aroma, 50 ml – 13 650 rubles.

A duo of fragrances for her and for him from Bvlgari

Le Gemme is a collection of high-end perfumes from the house of Bvlgari. And today we will talk about a new duo of fragrances from this line – the fragrance for women Le Gemme Astrea and the fragrance for men Le Gemme Azaran.

Le Gemme Astrea gets its name from the Greek word astéri, which means “star”. And the magic of the starry night begins with saffron essence – the rarest of spices. It gives way to the starry glow of jasmine absolute, which is replaced by enveloping golden honey accords.

10 new fragrances for autumn

Aroma for women Le Gemme Astrea, 100 ml – 26 250 rubles.

And if the feminine scent is captivating and mysterious, then the masculine Le Gemme Azaran is its complete opposite: it is inspired by the glowing shade of red aventurine, and its name means “like fire”. The fragrance opens with an explosion of sunny bergamot, which is muted by saffron extract. The flame gradually dies down, revealing the alluring notes of red cedar.

10 new fragrances for autumn

Fragrance for men Le Gemme Azaran, 100 ml – 26 250 rubles.

La Dompteuse Encagee by Serge Lutens

This month, a new perfume from Serge Lutens appeared on the Sephora website and in stores – La Dompteuse Encagee, which means “Tamer in a cage” in French.

Beauty novelty – a call to break free and regain your individuality! The freshness of frangipani flower petals, the tenderness of ylang-ylang and the bitter notes of almonds are ideally combined with each other, revealing brightly on the skin.

10 new fragrances for autumn

La Dompteuse Encagee fragrance, 50 ml – 13,000 rubles.

Summer Memories by Betty Barclay

A light breeze, the smell of sunscreen on the skin, sunbeams – it seems that all this has been with us for a very long time … The Pure Sun fragrance from Betty Barclay is an opportunity to extend the summer season without leaving home.

The scent opens with notes of magnolia and orchid. In the heart – apple and lotus flowers, neroli. Benzoin and sandalwood complete the composition. A real summer cocktail in a small bright bottle!

10 new fragrances for autumn

Pure Sun aroma, 20 ml – 1 800 rubles.

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