Download video from Facebook

You can download a video from Facebook pages and groups with Hoower.
It’s free.

Facebook is the fastest growing social network in the world. Every minute thousands of content is downloaded on Facebook: videos, pictures, articles. It hosts a lot of videos. The pages and groups contain video clips of various subjects: clips, music, trainings, webinars, educational videos, entertaining, films, short films. From time to time, you need to save the video to your computer or phone. Facebook does not provide such an opportunity: you can not just take and download a video from Facebook,, Karl! You just can’t.

Why you should download videos? It's very simple. Facebook can delete the video if it violates some rules - right of ownership or others. The video can be deleted or closed by the author of a group or a page in Facebook. And you, finally, just want to save the video for yourself. Or save the video to send to friends. Therefore, sometimes it becomes necessary to download videos from Facebook. 

What else do you get with downloading videos from Facebook? The necessary video is always at hand on the computer or in the mobile phone. This video is always available, even when there is no internet. It can be viewed in the metro, in a remote village, in the mountains or anywhere where there is no connection. It will always be with you - it's convenient.

We came up with Hoower to let you download videos from Facebook.

How to download a video from Facebook to a computer with Hoower

  • open the video on Facebook

  • copy the file link (it does not matter if the video is placed in a group or on a page, although the addresses will be different. See the example)

  • paste the link into the download field

  • click the "Next" button

In a matter of seconds, the download file will be displayed on the Hoower service page. You can download the file.

Please note: Hoower allows you to download different formats: video, pictures or audio. 

In addition to the video, images from video and audio are available for downloading from Facebook.

Download the video from Facebook with Hoower! Now your favorite images, videos and music will always be with you!


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